Rapid disintegration of the Wordie Ice Shelf in response to atmospheric warming

first_imgTHE breaking up of ice shelves around the Antarctic Peninsula has been cited1 as a “sign that a dangerous warming is beginning in Antarctica”. Here we present satellite images showing the disintegration of the Wordie Ice Shelf, which lies off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula (Fig. 1). Fracture, either in the form of surface crevasses or rifts extending to the bottom of the ice shelf, has been responsible for iceberg calving and weakening the central region of the ice shelf. These fracture processes, which led to retreat of the ice front, were apparently enhanced by the presence of increased amounts of melt water, resulting from a warming trend recorded in mean annual air temperatures in Marguerite Bay. If this warming trend continues, other nearby ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula may be at risk. But substantial additional warming would be required before similar processes could initiate breakup of the Ross and Filchner–Ronne ice shelves, which help stabilize the West Antarctic ice sheet.last_img read more

Review. Antarctic climate change and the environment

first_imgThe Antarctic climate system varies on timescales from orbital, through millennial to sub-annual, and is closely coupled to other parts of the global climate system. We review these variations from the perspective of the geological and glaciological records and the recent historical period from which we have instrumental data (similar to the last 50 years). We consider their consequences for the biosphere, and show how the latest numerical models project changes into the future, taking into account human actions in the form of the release of greenhouse gases and chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. In doing so, we provide an essential Southern Hemisphere companion to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.last_img read more

Provost Search Committee holds listening session

first_imgFollowing the announcement that Thomas Burish was stepping down as provost at the end of the academic year, University President Fr. John Jenkins and the search committee elected by the Academic Council held a listening session for undergraduates Wednesday afternoon. Emma Farnan Finance professor Carl Ackermann, a member of the Provost Search Committee, moderates a listening session for undergraduate students on Wednesday. The committee gathered student input about the qualifications provost candidates should possess.The goal of the session was to “inform our thinking about the qualities we should seek in the next provost of Notre Dame,” Jenkins said in an email sent last week to the University’s students. After receiving input from students, faculty and staff, the search committee will develop a position prospectus describing the qualities candidates for the position should possess, the President explained.“Few decisions are as consequential for a university as the selection of a new provost,” Jenkins said in an email to the community sent last month.The provost is in charge of a wide range of duties, Carl Ackermann, search committee member and professor of finance at the University, said.“The provost is charged with administering and coordinating the academic activities and functions. But an excellent provost does so much more. She or he must be an exceptional listener, decision-maker, and communicator and fund-raiser. In fact, it is someone who lights up the spirit of the entire University,” he said.Though the listening session was an attempt to include student voices in the decision-making process of selecting a new provost — essentially the senior administrator under the president — two students attended the event held at DeBartolo Hall’s Room 101 at 4 p.m.“This session is the one I am most excited about because the undergraduates are our largest and most important constituency, and, let’s face it: the undergraduates are the ones who know what is really going on,” Ackermann said.Despite the lack of participation Ackermann acknowledged that there was a benefit from having a small crowd.“We usually have 40 or so attendants, so people are only able to give one comment. However, with few students we were able to get deeper responses,” he said.The students in attendance were senior Jack Ferguson and freshman Crystal Lin. They were joined by the search committee comprised by Kasey Buckles, associate professor of economics; Patrick J. Flynn, professor and chair at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Michael Hildreth, professor of physics and associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Science; Margaret Meserve, associate dean for the humanities and faculty affairs and associate professor of history; Ramachandran Ramanan, professor in Department of Accountancy; Laura A. Carlson, vice president, associate provost and dean of the Graduate School and professor in the Psychology Department; Veronica Root Martinez, professor of law; Ackermann, teaching professor of finance; junior Maria Salerno and graduate student Karen Angeles.In order to get a sense of the attributes Notre Dame’s new provost should have, the committee framed the session around three questions, which included the University’s most important recent accomplishments, future central opportunities and challenges the provost will face and the essential qualities and skills that the next provost will need in order to be succeed.Ackermann initiated the session by explaining that in order to excite prospective candidates about the position, the committee wanted to highlight Notre Dame’s accomplishments. As a result, he started the event by asking participants what they considered to be the University’s most important achievements.Ferguson mentioned the renowned faculty and departments within the College of Arts and Letters, in particular the Program of Liberal Studies.“Peer universities do not have [this] and are envious of what we have,” he said. “I’m not too sure what’s going on in the Colleges of Science and Engineering, but, within Arts and Letters, I know that some of the departments and faculty have been highlighted and nationally recognized. In recent years, Meghan Sullivan, the philosophy professor [won a] … national research grant for expanding her model of the God and Good Life philosophy class that is causing national attention.”Lin considered that Mendoza College of Business’s academic excellence to be an important accomplishment.“In some schools only the business school is very good, but at Notre Dame almost everything is great,” Lin said.The committee then asked what student accomplishments should be taken into account, as the student body is part of Notre Dame’s attraction. The attendants mentioned inspiring student leaders such as Samuel Jackson, who is serving as one of the leprechaun this year.“Sam Jackson is the face of the school to millions of Americans turning on their televisions and seeing a close-up shot of his face. I think it’s a great thing for us this year,” Ferguson said.After this question, the committee wondered about the qualities embodied by the Notre Dame student body, which the attendees said were kindness, compassion and intelligence, as well as a motivation driven by faith.Moreover, the committee recognized that the next provost would face several obstacles in the coming years as well as opportunities to position Notre Dame as a leader, including several sustainability initiatives that are currently being enacted. As such, they asked students to name the challenges and opportunities they believed the provost would have on his plate in the next five years.Lin pointed out that, even though Notre Dame had reduced its coal emissions, more work can be done regarding the University’s sustainability efforts. Meanwhile, Ferguson elaborated on the challenges the new provost could face in the midst of current polarized political climate.“The provost will have to steer us in a safe, stable, temperate path through waters, considering the political climate,” Ferguson said.Considering that the new provost would be tasked with facing these issues, the committee then asked the students to pin-point which qualities he or she should have in order to be successful at Notre Dame. The attendees answered that the candidate must present both empathy and good listening skills. Lin also mentioned that she would like the person to “lie in the center of the political spectrum” and to be kind and considerate. Ferguson added that the ideal candidate would be someone who is inspiring to the community and who personifies the Catholic identity that distinguishes Notre Dame.“The Catholic identity has the potential to be sort of a bridge,” he said. “It is sort of the underlying foundation of a lot of the political debates that take place here, and it’s a wound-healer, something that is more important to some people than their politics. So, someone who is able to strengthen that on that steady course will be able to make our school better.”In their closing remarks, both Lin and Ferguson expressed their gratitude for the education they have received at Notre Dame, and said they had decided to attend out of civic duty to the school. They also lamented that a greater number of students had not attended the event, especially since it was a platform to voice their ideas and concerns.“I think people unfairly bash the administration for not listening to students all the time, but there are opportunities; people just don’t show up. I would almost like to apologize on behalf of the student body for you doing your job, and us sort of not giving our end of the bargain,” Ferguson said.The committee, however, said that more opportunities would be available for students to participate in the process. For instance, they encouraged undergraduates to attend the listening session on October 16 at 4 p.m. in DeBartolo Hall 101. Moreover, any concerns, questions, ideas, and candidate nominations could be sent to [email protected]: Administration, provost, Provost Search Committee, University President Fr. John Jenkinslast_img read more

“Online Marketing Boot Camp” set for June at Champlain College

first_imgBURLINGTON, Vt.–Champlain College’s Workforce Development Center has formed a partnership with EpikOne, an online strategy firm in Williston, Vt., and with the support of Google Analytics will deliver training in Web analytics, social networking and online visibility and marketing.An “Online Marketing Boot Camp” will be offered June 11-14 on the Champlain College campus in the S.D. Ireland Center for Global Business & Technology. Participants can register for two-hour, four-hour or daylong sessions, or the entire four days of boot camp. Training times include morning, afternoon and “evening encore” sessions. Individual sessions and customized packages are also available.The boot camp is designed to help companies doing business on the Web optimize their Internet presence and move their sales potential to the next level. Classes will be taught by industry experts, including an instructor from Google, and will focus on building new skills that will lead to immediate business results.Topics and tools will include: Marketing Online with Google AdWords, Social Networking, Online Visibility & Blogging, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer. Online registration is available by using Google Checkout at www.ombootcamp.com(link is external) or by calling toll free (877) 772-2265 or (802) 865-5471.”We are happy to support Champlain College and EpikOne in this endeavor,” said Brett Crosby, Senior Marketing Manager for Google Analytics. “Google products provide value to online businesses across the globe and we are supportive of efforts like this that work with people to use our products more effectively.””We are very encouraged to see academia take an interest in the online marketing and Web analytics industry,” said Dave Winslow, President of EpikOne, “We are excited to facilitate this movement any way possible as we believe this will open countless employment opportunities for generations to come.” EpikOne is one of only nine companies in North America authorized as a training partner with Google Analytics.Champlain College’s Workforce Development Center was established in January 2006 to bring leadership to initiatives that include: delivery of professional education to high-priority industries in the form of new master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees or professional certificates to meet the needs of a knowledge-intensive, highly skilled workforce; strategic partnerships that connect companies and individuals to educational and training opportunities; and collaboration with economic development partners to create an attractive environment for creative entrepreneurs to stay in Vermont and grow their businesses.For more information about the Workforce Development Center at Champlain College, visit www.champlain.edu/workforce(link is external) or contact Melissa Hersh at (802) 865-5402 and [email protected](link sends e-mail).last_img read more

South Burlington culvert repair to cause strong odor

first_imgThe Vermont Agency of Transportation on July 28 and 29 will be using a technique to repair a culvert on Dorset Street in South Burlington that will cause a strong odor. The odor, which will smell like a very pungent epoxy or paint, does not pose a health risk.The culvert repair involves placing a liner in a culvert below Dorset Street just south of Kennedy Drive, and then using steam to adhere and harden the liner to create a new culvert pipe within the old culvert pipe.The resin used to harden the new liner contains a substance called styrene that causes the resin to polymerize or harden when heated. During the instillation process, people within about a half mile of the project will likely detect some styrene odors that some may find unpleasant.VTrans has used this styrene process to repair culverts in other locations, but the South Burlington Dorset Street area is more densely populated than those locations so the agency is alerting the public in advance. While potentially unpleasant, the order is not harmful.The culvert is located under Dorset Street just south of Kennedy Drive in the area where Dorset Street passes under Interstate 89. Although the project will take two days to complete, the odiferous styrene hardening process likely will take place on July 29 and last about eight hours. Source: VTrans.last_img read more

Subcommittee eyes FDIC data breaches

first_imgA House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee heard conflicting testimony from the chief information officer and acting inspector general of the FDIC during a hearing Thursday examining data breaches the agency has suffered.The Subcommittee on Oversight convened the hearing in response to seven data security breach incidents that reportedly affected as many as 160,000 individuals and their personally identifiable information.FDIC Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Lawrence Gross characterized the incidents as “inadvertent” and the result of non-computer-savvy employees’ actions. FDIC Acting Inspector General Fred Gibson disagreed with Gross’ assessment of the incidents and said one criminal investigation is still open, but would not comment on the ongoing case.During his opening remarks, Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, criticized the FDIC for “repeated efforts to conceal information from Congress” regarding the breaches. Subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., recommended that FDIC hold itself to the same standards it requires banking institutions to meet. continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

4 items you should never carry in your wallet

first_img 160SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with CUInsight.com. Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: www.cuinsight.com Details Is this you?If so, take a minute to go through each and every item in that wallet. There are some things you should surely through away, and there are others you should take out and file away immediately to prevent identity theft.Social Security cardIt may seem obvious to not carry this with you, but many people have long kept their SS card in their wallet. But think about it, if you have your number memorized, which most of us do, when do you actually need your card? Have you ever had to present your card to someone? Carrying this information around with you is a bad idea. If the wrong person gets ahold of your number you could end up with loans opened up in your name and new credit card accounts.PasswordsIt seems every website we visit now requires a password. How are we ever supposed to keep up with them all? It’s a great idea to have a cheat sheet where all your passwords are kept, but do not be tempted to keep this information in your wallet. Instead, keep your notes at your desk or filed away somewhere at home with other sensitive information.Credit cardsMany of us are way past the point of having just a credit card for “emergencies” (last time I checked, few emergencies occur at Macy’s). It’s hard to check out at any retail store without being asked if we’d like to “save 10% by opening up a store credit card.” No matter how many cards you have, it’s wise not to carry all of them in your wallet at once. Think about it: if your wallet is stolen or lost, would you want someone to have access to every account you have? Instead, keep one card with you for those emergencies and leave the others at home in a safe place. This can also keep you from making spur of the moment purchases you’ll likely regret.ReceiptsOnce you get home from a store after making a purchase, decide right then if you need to hold on to the receipt. Is there a chance you’re going to return the item? If not, then toss the receipt right away. If it is a larger purchase, you may want to keep the receipt until after the purchase shows on your next credit card statement, to ensure you were charged the correct amount.last_img read more

No injuries in Charlotte Street fires

first_imgThe fire department tells 12 News that no injuries were reported and everyone made it out safely. The cause is under investigation. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Fire Department responded to a house fire early Saturday morning. Stay with 12 News as we continue to follow this developing story. The crew was dispatched to 25 Charlotte St. and tells 12 News that they had to go back to the home twice. Officials tell us that the first fire started on the third floor on the back porch of the building and that they responded for the second time around 6:00 a.m. to a fire that was on the front of the third floor.last_img read more

Ian Watson parts ways with Salford Red Devils with immediate effect | Rugby League News

first_img– Advertisement – Sky Sports brings you live updates as they happen. Get breaking sports news, analysis, exclusive interviews, replays and highlights.Sky Sports is your trusted source for breaking sports news headlines and live updates. Watch live coverage of your favourite sports: Football, F1, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Rugby League, Rugby Union, NFL, Darts, Netball and get the latest transfers news, results, scores and more.Visit skysports.com or the Sky Sports App for all the breaking sports news headlines. You can receive push notifications from the Sky Sports app for the latest news from your favourite sports and you can also follow @SkySportsNews on Twitter to get the latest updates. Ian Watson has left Salford Red Devils with immediate effect “The club were surprised and disappointed by Watson’s decision yesterday, following his previous statements of intent for the coming season, but understand his desire to continue his development through the experience of a new environment,” a statement said.More to follow…This is a breaking Super League news story that is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh this page for the latest updates.- Advertisement – Ian Watson has left Salford Red Devils with immediate effect
Ian Watson has left Salford Red Devils with immediate effect

Over 100 television channels directly watched the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Lošinj

first_imgMore than 5 thousand visitors watched the extreme world cycling competition in Veli Lošinj Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Lošinj, from 19 to 22 April 2018.After numerous trainings, a total of 215 of the world’s best competitors from more than 25 countries around the world descended the short but demanding and difficult Veli Lošinj trail. Also, the picture from Lošinj was broadcast live by 105 television channels.Extreme cycling competition or downhill ‘Downhill’ created from the spring training of Slovenian cyclists, was organized by the Athletic Club Lošinj and Mountain Bike Club Trbovlje, and today out of season in Mali Lošinj brought five thousand visitors and secured free advertising that Croatia, and let alone Mali Lošinj cannot afford even in the wildest dreams. And that is exactly the meaning of connecting the video and tourism, just as the Tour of Croatia race is in progress.”Veli Lošinj has become the center of the world in the last few days. I think we were not fully aware of the opportunity we got when we hosted such a prestigious world race, which was created as a result of quality cooperation between two clubs: MTB Trbovlje and Athletic Club Losinj. That love, which began four years ago, has brought us to the present moments, believes the mayor of Mali Lošinj, Ana Kučić. This is an absolute confirmation that we are moving in the right direction, given that for many years we have been presenting ourselves to our visitors and the tourism and media market as an island of vitality and health with many potentials, especially sports. That is why we are working intensively on the sports infrastructure, and this year the Master Plan for the development of cycling on Lošinj is being drafted. However, this is only a small segment of Lošinj’s offer because Lošinj still has a lot to offer its visitors” said Ana Kučić, the mayor of Mali Lošinj.Photo: Sandro TaribaThanks to numerous journalists and Red Bull Media House and other television companies that bought the broadcasting rights, the live broadcast was enabled in 105 countries, and the race was watched live by more than a million and a half viewers. In the next week, more than 5 million people are expected to follow this event through numerous media platforms (TV shows, reports, portals, social networks, etc.).But that’s just the beginning of the story, at least it should be. We’ve attracted attention and focus, got great publicity, and now we need to have the same and similar content for that target audience throughout the year. It is necessary to further develop into cycling and cycling competitions, as well as adventure tourism. Otherwise, we missed a great opportunity, because everything that is one-time has no long-term effect, neither added value nor the profitability of the entire investment.Related news:THE WORLD CUP IN DOWNHILL ON LOŠINJ IS AN IDEAL OPPORTUNITY FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE ENTIRE KVARNER REGION AS A BIKE FRIENDLY DESTINATION</p>
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