3 takeaways from Syracuse’s 90-71 exhibition win over Daemen

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Syracuse beat Division-II program Daemen 90-71 in its exhibition opener. Elijah Hughes led SU in scoring with 24 points on just 10 field goal attempts. The Orange shot 60% from the field in the game.Here are some takeaways from SU’s first exhibition.Shooting stars, from afarAs the first half wound under five minutes, Hughes slowly inched toward the 3-point line with the ball in his hands. The Orange hadn’t scored in almost three minutes — this game’s version of a slump. Seemingly without effort, Hughes ended it with a stroke far beyond the line. All game, when the Orange needed to score, they reawakened their offense with timely makes from beyond the arc.Forty-five of Syracuse’s 90 points came from beyond the three-point line. Syracuse hit just over eight 3’s per game last year. In Saturday’s exhibition, SU matched that total in the first half. Hughes was the most impressive of the Orange’s shooters, finishing 5-for-7 from 3-point range. One of his makes from the corner came off a step-back dribble to free himself beyond the line and make the shot while he was fouled. Though he didn’t convert on the free throw, the move looked like one that the redshirt junior could rely on. And the contact seemingly didn’t bother the shot much.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textCenterfold When the stadium announcer read ‘Bourama Sidibe’ off of Syracuse’s starting lineup before tip, it reaffirmed what was already known: Sidibe, the six-foot-10 junior, is SU’s starting center. With Daemen’s tallest player, redshirt junior Andrew Sischo, listed at six-foot-nine, Sidibe didn’t have to out-muscle, out-rebound or out-play an Atlantic Coast Conference big. He tallied seven defensive rebounds and a field goal, but also clanked an open layup. Freshman Jesse Edwards impacted shots as a rim protector but was caught too high in the paint repeatedly, allowing a few backdoor passes. John Bol Ajak also rotated in at center through garbage time. Boeheim eyeing Marek Dolezaj as a forward this season leaves Sidibe with the lion’s share of minutes at the five. After one night, Sidibe recorded 21 minutes with freshman Edwards (11) and Ajak (eight) also contributing. No, Syracuse didn’t play man-to-manThrough the 40-minute exhibition, Syracuse limited Daemen to a 42.9% shooting percentage. And it didn’t play man-to-man defense for one second. Jim Boeheim is entering his 44th season hearing a familiar question — Will Syracuse plan man-to-man defense this season? — and Saturday night didn’t provide much of an answer. Five nights before the season-opener, the Orange showcased the defensive strategy they’re known for. In the starting lineup, Buddy Boeheim and Jalen Carey platooned the perimeter, Hughes and Quincy Guerrier manned the wing and Sidibe anchored the paint. To start, the Wildcats scored seven points in three-and-a-half minutes, then didn’t score for the ensuing three. Even when the zone creaked — SU allowed six first-half 3s — a timely steal or tipped pass preserved the blowout. Already leading by 20 in the second half, white jerseys pressed higher, trapping guards at mid-court. When a few backups checked in after a pair of Orange free throws, Boeheim twirled his finger and called for more. Best of the rest Hughes, on several occasions, brought the ball up the floor for the Orange. He had five assists and showed good vision and added an element of midrange to his offensive game, making him a threat at all three levels of the floor. Published on October 26, 2019 at 9:07 pm Contact Nick: [email protected] | @nick_a_alvarez Comments Robert Braswell paced Syracuse with three triples, dotting the perimeter on set plays and fast breaks. The sophomore forward finished with 17 points punctuated by an alley-oop dunk off a pass from Joe Girard III. last_img read more

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pudding

first_imgRecipe provided courtesy of Gracefoods.com Sweet Potato PuddingPreparation time: 45mCooking time: 1h 45mIngredients5 pound(s) sweet Potato3 cup(s) dark Sugar1 cup(s) flour1 teaspoon(s) cinnamon powder1 packet(s) Grace Coconut Milk Powder5 cup(s) water1/4 cup(s) Grace Margarine melted1 whole nutmeg, grated1 teaspoon(s) salt1 teaspoon(s) cinnamon powder1 teaspoon(s) vanilla essence1 tablespoon(s) white rum1 tablespoon(s) lime juice1 teaspoon(s) Grace Browning optionalSweet Potato Pudding DirectionsPeel cut and grate sweet potatoes and place in a large mixing bowl.Add dark sugar, flour and raisins.Combine Grace Coconut Milk Powder with water, mix well and add to the sweet potato mixture.Add melted margarine, nutmeg, salt, cinnamon powder, vanilla, rum, lime juice and browning and mix well.Scrape mixture into a greased 10inch baking tin.Bake in a pre-heated oven 350 F or 180 degrees C for 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 hours.Note:5 pounds sweet potato will yield 12 cups when grated.Courtesy- Gracefoods.comlast_img read more

Full field heads to Wiltshire for English senior championship

first_img17 Apr 2012 Full field heads to Wiltshire for English senior championship A full field of 120 leading golfers from all over the country will contest the senior women’s English amateur championship at Tidworth Garrison Golf Club, Wiltshire, next week, from April 24-27. The quality field includes the British senior champion, Felicity Christine from Surrey (pictured), together with a host of fellow senior internationals – and a strong contingent of local players led by Wiltshire second team captain, Jayne Long. The five-handicapper is one of five members of Tidworth who have entered, alongside another five from other Wiltshire clubs. They include Sue Sutton of Ogbourne Downs who was an England selector and, like Jayne, is a past county champion. Neighbouring Hampshire is supplying an impressive 15 competitors, who include leading senior player, Chris Quinn of Hockley. The scratch player has won this title three times, has been British senior champion and has also won the English senior strokeplay title. Other senior internationals in the field include past champion Caroline Berry (formerly Marron) of Cheshire, Roz Adams of Surrey, and Janet Melville of Nottinghamshire. Missing from the action, though, is last year’s winner, Sue Dye of Cheshire, who is unable to play because of family commitments. Altogether, the field includes players from almost 30 counties and the new “intake” of those who have reached their 50th birthday includes Amanda Mayne, the former Somerset captain and a two-handicapper. The full field will play 18 holes of strokeplay qualifying on each of Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24 and 25. The top 16 players will qualify for the championship matchplay flight and the next 16 will go into the second flight knockout. The matchplay starts on Thursday and the finals off both flights will be played on the afternoon of Friday, April 27. There will be a consolation stableford competition on Thursday, April 26 for those who do not qualify for the matchplay.   Image copyright Leaderboard Photographylast_img read more

Social Media Metrics: Why Am I Counting Tweets Again?

first_imgEarlier today, conversation tracking site UberVu launched Compare. The service allows you type your name and a competitor’s name into search boxes to produce information on your competing brand conversations on Twitter, Blogger, Friendfeed, Facebook, WordPress, HackerNews and Youtube. After all, if social media is the lead generator and customer service tool that we think it is, then it’s important for us to know where we stand against our competitors. Being a market leader has traditionally been based on sales, page views, unique visitors, members, and engagement. It’s only very recently that companies have begun to look at their social media metrics in terms of the competitive landscape. Albeit, it’s clear that many have forgotten why. It’s obvious why we turned to Compete, Quantcast and the less sophisticated GoogleFight to measure our competitors. We wanted to visualize our traffic victories. But with social media, what tangible benefit can startups gain from having 10,000 more Twitter followers than their closest competitor? Many would argue that its akin to counting freckles. But if you look at what drives traffic to your site, then you’ll understand that social media is where we’re keeping our leads. Rather than just jockeying for traffic and search, we should also consider social media mindshare. But honestly, what could possibly be a metric for mindshare? A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Tags:#start#startups UberVu’s Compare is not the answer to all of your problems. It’s not going to build you a positive reputation or make you a market leader. Twitter, HackerNews and the slew of other sites that your users are engaging on, are somewhere you can find out if you’ve screwed up or if your competition has screwed up. Good leaders know how to track brand sentiment and conversation to correct themselves, generate leads and fill a void when competitors are losing consumer trust. The UberVu Compare tool is available at ubervu.com/social-media-comparison. If you’ve got other tools that help startups track leads or indicate a need for damage control, let us know in the comments below. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dana oshiro Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Time Saving Tip – Replace Audio in Quick Time Pro 7

first_imgSave Rendering Time by Replacing Audio Tracks in Quicktime Pro 7It never fails that you’ve just spent good time exporting your film from your NLE, run it through a compression program to turn it into a client friendly H.264 file and a last minute audio tweak or music change comes through. Save time re-exporting and re-rendering with this simple method of replacing the audio in your quicktime file. This is particularly useful if you’re a composer or mixer appending new audio to a file for client review.Step 1 – Open Your FilesQuicktime Player Pro 7 may or may not be installed on your system but if you’re used to doing much post production you’ll probably already have it. If not visit this Apple site to learn how to install it in different OSX versions.Open your original audio & video file in QTPro7 by right (ctrl) clicking and pressing ‘open with…’  and then do the same with your new audio file.Step 2 – Remove Original AudioSelect the original audio & video file and press CMD+J to open up the movie properties for the file (or go to Window > Show Movie Properties)  You should see a video track, audio track and timecode track listed in the top section and in the resources tab where that audio track, video track and timecode track are originating from. Select the audio track and delete it. You can either hit backspace on your keyboard or the delete button in the top left of the window.Step 3 – Copying and PastingSelect the new audio file and press CMD+A to select it all. Press CMD+C to copy it. Now select the original video file and press CMD+ALT+V to add it to the movie file (you can also do all that from the Edit menu if you prefer). Notice that the source for the Sound Track in the properties window of the video and new audio file is New Audio.aif.  It is important that the ‘playhead’ in the video file is at the very start of the file as the audio will paste in from wherever it is placed.Step 4 – Save As…For the final step simply press Shift+CMD+S (File > Save As…) to save the file as a new audio and video file without having to re-render your H.264 video. Make sure you have ‘Save as self-contained movie’ checked so that Quicktime collects up the ‘external’ new audio you pasted in. Quicktime will quickly save and your file is updated with the new audio.last_img read more

How to avoid poor judgements and ensure financial prosperity

first_imgHere’s what 100 ml potion of financial disaster comprises-40 ml of igno-rance, 30 ml of laziness, 20 ml of arrogance and 10 ml of overconfidence. Now ask a couple of well-placed people for some simple financial ad-vice. It could be anyone from senior colleagues to successful persons in your family,Here’s what 100 ml potion of financial disaster comprises-40 ml of igno-rance, 30 ml of laziness, 20 ml of arrogance and 10 ml of overconfidence. Now ask a couple of well-placed people for some simple financial ad-vice. It could be anyone from senior colleagues to successful persons in your family and circle of friends. Ask them to advise you on tax planning or about company stocks you could in-vest in or whether term insurance is a good idea or whether you should pre-pay your loan etc. You will be able to gauge how much they understand personal finance by their response. From stashing cash in the banks to investing in fixed deposits and insur-ance policies, most people feel fi-nances will eventually work out.Sample this: thirty-year-old Amit has a household expense of Rs 25,000 per month. Considering just 7 per cent as inflation, what would be his position when he is 60? His household ex-penses will be about Rs 3.25 lakh per month. The retirement corpus should be large enough to bear such monthly expenses as well as an additional 7 per cent each subsequent year due to in-flation. Such retirement corpus should be approximately Rs 8.6 crore. He has 30 years to accumulate that and three options. Firstly, equity option (growth rate 14 per cent). Here, he needs to in-vest Rs 16,000 per month. Then fixed deposit (growth rate 8 per cent). Here, he needs to invest Rs 58,000 per month. Lastly, insurance (growth rate 4 per cent). Here, he needs to invest Rs 125,000 per month. The above op-tions will only fund his post-retirement days, what would happen to his chil-dren’s education, their wedding? Amit is blissfully unaware of all this.advertisementVikram Kapoor too feels every-thing will work out fine. He is 40 and head of operations at an MNC. He earns about Rs 48 lakh per annum. His assets include a bank balance of Rs 6 lakh and an ancestral home about 50 km from Kanpur. He has no life insur-ance cover, no investment in stocks, mutual funds. A huge portion of his in-come goes into paying home loan EMIs. Now, his expenses. He wears Armani suits, sports a Movado watch and uses the latest gadgets. His family has three cars, travels only business class, dines at five-star hotels.There are more people like him. Karsan Patel also has a similar lifestyle. The 40-year-old business-man earns about Rs 48 lakh per an-num and his assets include a cash balance of Rs 6 lakh, life insurance policies worth Rs 4 crore, Rs 5 lakh in stocks, no mutual funds, few plots of land worth Rs 10 lakh and an ances-tral home worth Rs 2 crore. However, the ancestral house has little invest-ment value for him since he lives in it. He has a few recurring deposits as well as fixed deposit accounts.While Amit’s case is that of ‘igno-rance is bliss’, Vikram is being com-pletely reckless and Karsan is just giving away his hard-earned money. What is common among them is that they are all enjoying the 100 ml of disaster potion.The point to ponder upon is why prosperous families go bust over time. Why is it that money does not last for more than two to three generations? The truth is, you need everything to have the right potion of financial pros-perity. Everything has a time and pur-pose. Life insurance is necessary and so is a loan. Deposits are needed to provide stability and equities are needed to fulfil dreams. For every ru-pee that you want to invest into real estate, be sure that you have Rs 2 of your money in liquid wealth. That will save you from distress sales. Get good ideas and opinions. Do not try and do everything yourself unless you are willing to quit your work and do wealth management full-time.last_img read more

Ryder Cup Tiger Woods Loses Again but US In

Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson were oustanding.It hardly has been the Ryder Cup Tiger Woods envisioned. He was awful in his first match Friday, outstanding in a losing effort in the afternoon. Captain Davis Love III sat him for the morning session Saturday — the first time in his Ryder cup career that he did not play every match — and when Woods did play, he was brilliant.And yet, he and playing partner Steve Sticker ended the day — a glorious day for the U.S. — as the only players to not secure a point, losing 1 up to Sergio Garcia and Luke Donald.America leads going into Sunday’s individual matches with a commanding 10-6 lead. And while Woods was happy about that, he was not happy about his ultimate results, despite ringing up five birdies in the last nine holes. It was the front nine where he and Stricker lost it, trailing by four at the turn — a huge deficit to overcome. And yet, they almost did behind Woods’ brilliance.Just when Woods seemed to be out of it again, he called on the theatrics that he has authored time and again. Down by two, Woods made a birdie on No. 16 t0 send the crowd into a fury and cut the deficit to one. Then, on 17, Woods stuck his tee shot on the par 3 to six feet. Problem was, Donald’s eight-iron was even better, to three feet.So, they halved the hole with Woods and Donald making birdies, setting up No. 18 as the decider. Needing to win the hole to secure a half-point, Woods bombed his drive down the middle of the fairway. He shot into the green leaked to the right, leaving him about 30 feet for birdie.He missed, but teammate Stricker was just eight feet left of the hole for a birdie put that would get him and Woods on the scoreboard. But Sticker’s putt was too hard and lipped out, leaving that tandem scoreless for the competition.Ultimately,  losing was not Woods’ fault. He just did not get any help from Stricker.Still, the United States was in control because of everyone else. Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson destroyed Justin Rose and Francesco Molinari 5-and-4, Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson won and Keegan Bradly and Phil Mickelson executed a record-tying performance. The U.S. won all but one match Saturday morning.Europe was barely in it because of Ian Poulter, who was out of his mind with five straight birdies to lead a comeback with Rory McIlroy over Jason Duffner and Zach Johnson. But it will take a real collapse by the U.S. to blow the Ryder Cup.Just as they did Friday, the Americans got their spark from Bradley. He’s got more energy and enthusiasm than a 4-year-old hopped up on Pixie Stix, sprinting out to the first hole a half-hour before his tee time to encourage fans to get louder and rowdier. Finally satisfied, he grinned and sprinted back to the locker room. read more

Four footwear options to wear on a date

first_imgConfused what to wear on your date this Valentine’s Day? Opt for flirty ankle strap heels or playful pumps with a bardot neckline tiered dress or just the classic little black dress to woo your partner, suggest experts. Here is a list of tips on what footwear to opt: Ankle strap heels: Ankle strap heels are a must-have this season. Sophisticated and chic, these look effortlessly on trend with any outfit. Sling backs and ankle straps accented in metallic buckles, floral eyelets and criss-cross pleats are ideal for the much needed stability in your stride. Be date-ready in candy colours, subtle golds and deep maroons. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPumps: Classic pointed pumps are stylish. It is one of the most versatile styles. Pumps look great with cropped pants, mini-skirts, and, well, just about anything for the perfect date. Styled in vibrant prints, embossed textures and embellished mesh details, pair these pumps with your favourite sling/clutch to complete the look. Sneakers: The minimal look is here to stay. Globally, designers continue to show their love to this most wearable style. The humble sneaker is undoubtedly the biggest footwear trend of the year and has kicked off a total fashion revolution. Sported by models, celebrities, bloggers and designers, sneakers have worked for almost all occasions as a fashion statement. Classic sliders: Classic sliders in pastel hues are the ideal accessory this summer. The ease to slip on and off make slides the perfect companion for a beach sundowner or poolside party.last_img read more