Wadham set to field all-male Uni Challenge team despite female-only trials

first_imgWadham appears to have decided against enforcing a gender quota on its 2018-19 University Challenge team, after some suggested the idea would be “patronising”.The college initially held mixed trials for the team over the last three weeks, but when the number of female-identifying attendees was seen to be unexpectedly low, they introduced female-only trials.However, as the all-female trials were poorly attended, the Wadham SU committee then considered positive discrimination to balance the gender of the team.It was suggested in the SU meeting that a woman should be placed on the team, even if they did not perform well enough to place them in the top four entrants – perhaps allowing women who made the top six to be in the team.According to the minutes of the meeting, Jack Wands, Wadham SU President, suggested that a woman should be put on the team, saying: “When we were invited to enter a team we were encouraged to represent the institution as a whole”.However, others argued this would not be a fair method for either male or female students. One student said: “We should run a team on a meritocratic basis or submit no team. It would not be good for the welfare of the woman entrant to be there knowing she was let in to fill a quota. This is national television.”Another added: “It would be embarrassing and maybe tokenistic that the team was not selected on a meritocratic basis if this affects performance.”A majority of committee members voted in support of a motion stating that Wadham would put forward an all-male team if a female applicant failed to make it into the top six entrants. The ultimate decision on whether to field an all-male team will be decided in a women-only vote at the next SU meeting.Greg Ritchie, one of the social secretaries, told Cherwell: “I think quizzing, like darts and snooker, tends to attract more men than women. “It is bad when an all-male environment deters women from applying. To this end, I think we’ve done everything reasonable in our power to encourage a diverse team that reflects Wadham, such as ensuring trials were advertised on the women’s Facebook group and holding women-only trials.“As Wadham SU agreed, putting a woman who isn’t of the necessary standard on the team is not fair on other contestants, the woman herself, or the wider movement for gender equality in University Challenge.”Verity Babbs, who attended the women’s trials, told Cherwell: “Having the women-only trials was an excellent idea on the part of the organisers, as it was noticeably a different vibe to a previous trial, where I had been the only woman.“I think the extra trial was encouraging for women who might have felt intimidated to go to previous mixed trials.”Babbs added that she did not resent the decision against positive discrimination: “I don’t think anyone would be comfortable feeling like they were on the team only to fill a quota space – I think the idea of a quota is patronising to the women who took part in the trials.”Last month, St Hugh’s was criticised for fielding an all male team in the 2017-18 edition of the television show. Critics of the college, including the pro-vice-chancellor of the University of Brighton, questioned why a male-only team was being fielded by a a college that was formerly all-female.On the programme, presenter Jeremy Paxman joked: “On the basis of tonight’s team, we could be forgiven for thinking they [men] had rather taken it over.”The college also faced complaints related to the selection process which was believed to be unfair, as one of the team members selected had not taken part in the college’s internal competition, but was chosen because he was rumoured to be a “good quizzer”.One unsuccessful female applicant for the St Hugh’s College team said: “It feels like the ‘application process’ was irrelevant.“As a woman who initially applied, I was pretty gutted to not even be asked about it and only found out who had been picked when they went to do the recordings.”Update (13/11/17): An earlier version of this article was updated to clarify that a final decision on a quota will be made by an all-women vote rather than by the SU social secretaries.last_img read more

Price Control in Petroleum Industry coming says Minister

first_img Related Items:amanda misick, budget debate, price control petroleum TCI Loaded; Bank amounts and accounts disclosed in House of Assembly Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 08 Apr 2015 – Price Control is coming for the Turks and Caicos when it comes to better managing the cost of fuel; this was revealed in the House of Assembly by the Minister responsible, Hon Amanda Misick.“Also Mr. Speaker we are looking at implementing price control, quality control as well as safety and environmental controls in the petroleum product sector. This primary focus is to ensure fair and equitable fuel prices but also to give customers the assurance and confidence of the quality of fuel that they purchase.”During her contribution to the Budget Debate last month Minister Misick explained that the Electricity and Utilities Commissioner is complete his study of the sluggish price changes on the cost of fuel within the industry locally when compared to those abroad. Those findings have been touted as complete for two months now, and have not yet been revealed to the public. Also coming, solar powered street lights for Grand Turk as a pilot project; an overhaul at the NJS Francis Building to improve energy efficiency, regulations for electricians in the country “…this bill, Mr. Speaker, will ensure for the first time in the TCI, a level playing field for electricians who will no longer be deprived of bidding on projects because of licensing mechanisms…” and changes in policies as the TCI has a draft legislative framework already prepared to impact electricity specifically. Minister Misick said the Administration remains committed to the Carbon War Room pact signed in the BVI; it is a commitment to reduce dependency on Fossil Fuels. It was explained that the EUD or Electricity & Utilities Department is working to enhance public awareness and recently launched a Facebook page; the public is slow to respond though, the Department has so far only managed to get 11 likes. Admittedly there is not much content on that Facebook page as yet, but it is one way the Department is moving to enhance interaction. You should go on over and express yourself on energy concerns. Look for TCIG Energy & Utilities Department on Facebook. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ZNS facing privatization Will enough millions roll over to next TCI Fiscal Year?last_img read more

ICANN calls for DNSSEC across unsecured domain names amidst increasing malicious activity

first_imgLast week, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided to call for the full deployment of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across all unsecured domain names. ICANN took this decision because of the increasing reports of malicious activity targeting the DNS infrastructure. According to ICANN, there is an ongoing and significant risk to key parts of the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. The DNS that converts numerical internet addresses to domain names, has been the victim of various attacks by the use of different methodologies. Last month security company FireEye revealed that hackers associated with Iran were hijacking DNS records, by rerouting users from a legitimate web address to a malicious server in order to steal passwords. This “DNSpionage” campaign, was targeting governments in the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. The Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency had warned that U.S. agencies were also under attack. In its first emergency order amid a government shutdown, the agency ordered federal agencies to take action against DNS tampering. David Conrad, ICANN’s chief technology officer told the AFP news agency that the hackers are “going after the Internet infrastructure itself.” ICANN is urging domain owners for deploying DNSSEC, which is a more secure version of DNS and is difficult to manipulate. DNSSEC cryptographically signs data which makes it more difficult to be spoofed. Some of the attacks target the DNS where the addresses of intended servers are changed with addresses of machines controlled by the attackers. This type of attack that targets the DNS only works when DNSSEC is not in use. ICANN also reaffirms its commitment towards engaging in collaborative efforts for ensuring the security, stability, and resiliency of the internet’s global identifier systems. This month, ICANN offered a checklist of recommended security precautions for members of the domain name industry, registries, registrars, resellers, and related others, to proactively take steps to protect their systems. ICANN aims to assure that internet users reach their desired online destination by preventing “man in the middle” attacks where a user is unknowingly re-directed to a potentially malicious site. Few users have previously been a victim of DNS hijacking and think that this move won’t help them out. One user commented on HackerNews, “This is nonsense, and possibly crossing the border from ignorant nonsense to malicious nonsense.” Another user said, “There is in fact very little evidence that we “need” the authentication provided by DNSSEC.” Few others think that this might work as a good solution. A comment reads, “DNSSEC is quite famously a solution in search of a problem.” To know more about this news, check out ICANN’s official post. Read Next Internet governance project (IGP) survey on IPV6 adoption, initial reports Root Zone KSK (Key Sign Key) Rollover to resolve DNS queries was successfully completed RedHat shares what to expect from next week’s first-ever DNSSEC root key rolloverlast_img read more

Sunny days at SeaWorld Orlando with new Sesame Street land

first_imgSunny days at SeaWorld Orlando with new Sesame Street land Posted by Travelweek Group Share The iconic Sesame Street neighbourhood including Abby Cadabby’s garden, Mr. Hooper’s store, Big Bird’s nest, the famous ‘123’ stoop and character meet-and-greets with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird and more.SeaWorld Orlando’s first-ever parade hosted daily by Elmo and his furry friends on Sesame Street.An immersive area with rides, wet and dry play areas and interactive experiences for the whole family.“In partnering with Sesame Workshop, we are creating a land for guests to make an authentic connection that can only be found in hugging a furry friend or reading a book with Big Bird,” says Amanda Trauger, Experience Design Manager for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise CollectionAdds SeaWorld Orlando President Jim Dean: “We are excited to transport our guests into the colorful and creative world of Sesame Street through immersive theming, character interactions and interactive play. Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando is an amazing addition to our park, providing more unique and memorable experiences for the entire family.” ORLANDO — A brand new Sesame Street-themed land is coming to SeaWorld Orlando in spring 2019.Construction on Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando is currently underway, says Randy Anger, Director Sales & Marketing – Canada. The new themed area will be located on the south end of the park, where Happy Harbor currently stands.Highlights include… Tags: SeaWorld Thursday, May 3, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more