Taobao online shopping encounter phishing sites exposed financial security is not perfect

in Taobao internet purchase, but suffered phishing sites. Recently, the Shanghai intermediate people’s court in the trial of 2 consumer online shopping account funds theft case, found that safeguards Taobao online shopping security is not perfect, there are security risks. To this end, the Shanghai intermediate people’s Court issued a judicial proposal to Taobao more than 2000 words.

fake sellers easily steal buyers account

day, Mary home as usual online shopping. When ordering, Mary is the seller Lin told the payment was not successful, click on a link which provides the 390 thousand yuan in bank accounts immediately stolen. The judge noted that Lin easily obtained the victim’s personal information and Taobao transaction records, posing as the owner of Taobao, lured the victim to click on the fake phishing links. read more

Ma Yun mom said rebound Pipa invasion of e commerce

This is Ma Ma

. To be exact, the Ma Yun is a little Ma Yun from Tsinghua University".

little Ma has three entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial context simply summarized as: first to help college friends, and then help young people in the community to make friends, find the object; finally, to help them build a platform to share parenting experience.

in 2007, he bid farewell to NetEase executives, the mother has not yet set up a big man, said his mother, a mother and child vertical community website. His idea is to share the community bonding mothers, and then use the electronic commerce to the user to develop two times, to explore suitable for their own profit channels. read more

The seventh session of the conference held in September on the global network of Ten Network

in September this year, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association and Alibaba group in Hangzhou jointly held the theme of "the new network, new civilization" of the seventh network operators of the general assembly. By then, the organizers will selected the "2010 Global Top Ten Network", "the most integrity network" and other awards and a series of ecological partner awards, at the same time, by strengthening exchanges and cooperation between network operators, will provide a close contact with the World Expo opportunities for many business people. read more

Wanda Baidu and Tencent new faces can seize the electricity supplier market

Wanda is business giants, Baidu and Tencent is also the pioneer of the Internet industry, the three giants combination will give the domestic electricity supplier market impact and Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong? Etc. the current electricity supplier leader can withstand the strong impact of all sorts of questions? The answers are very exciting. After all, for the market economy, competition can directly reflect the market actively, also give consumers the most direct benefits.

Wanda, Baidu, Tencent

from the official statements, they have to do business with the current electricity supplier is slightly different, as well as the establishment of a "o2o" business platform, including consumer content line, cable on the flow and technology, and the establishment of offline and online development of consumers according to market data, business development and product line system line. read more

Look at the United States from the UGC mall cosmetics mall shopping experience

China’s continuous development of the Internet, to promote the leap of the domestic e-commerce, online shopping has become a fashion, but online shopping can give users in addition to good goods is the quality of service. At present, the mainstream of domestic online shopping platform, Taobao, pat, Jingdong store user experience has begun to walk this line, due to the popularity of the Internet, and with online shopping boom, a large number of online shopping platforms have emerged, we are selling the same products, how to rise to stimulate sales amount, increase the user’s the viscosity, its brand influence is one aspect, the son that online shopping should emphasize the user experience. Let the son see the beauty of library network of the domestic online shopping platform to user experience as the center, the long route user oriented. read more

Meal together public comment 7 nsider more segmentation more valuable

day before the meal enterprise ordering platform ( officially announced a strategic cooperation with the depth of public comment, also announced the completion of the C round of 140 million yuan financing.

is a good ordering platform, users through web or mobile client orders, waiting for delivery business. In recent years the meal in the media is very low-key, this was born in 2011 so far is still Rong startup failure, survival or death? This time together behind public comment and what concern? In the meal billion state power network and communication, has been to 7 unanswered questions answer. read more

Tencent shares of Jingdong caused change of pattern to shake Ali into a few odds

on the morning of March 10th, Tencent shares Jingdong finally settled. Analysis pointed out that the two sides together, whether to pay for electricity providers, mobile WeChat Tencent, or Jingdong IPO prospects Eve bedding, all add enough chips; and the big market environment, with Tencent, Ali in payment, electricity providers and other areas continue to compete, domestic large grid interconnection board may also be changed.

According to the Tencent

holdings announcement shows, the Jingdong will acquire the Tencent B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat net 100% interest, logistics personnel and assets, and minority interest net of easy fast and easy to buy the remaining stake fast network rights. The Tencent will be $214 million stake in Jingdong, accounting for 15% of the total outstanding shares of Jingdong before the listing. read more

Wong Kwong Yu sold or brewing Kuba shopping network executives said not informed

The United States hopes to reverse the results of

electricity supplier integration reuse "legitimate" online shopping mall

yesterday, reporters from approaching the United States news department learned that Wong Kwong Yu on business platform especially the "legitimate" business platform Gome online mall high hopes, "clearly the important status of Gome online mall". But in stark contrast with Gome online mall, Gome acquisition business platform – Kuba shopping network may sell the United States, the current implementation of the electricity supplier or the dual brand strategy will be abandoned. Vice President Peng Liang Kubba responded newspaper said, "he does not have any information on this". read more

Behind jumei com and V battle Beauty electricity supplier sitzkrieg

reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported

since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog is the first major [email protected]@ left hand and CEO Chen Ou open tear, after adding the topic of warming darling.

industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Chen Ou so sensitive, because has been "fake" and negative ridden, behind the "slobber war" is beauty electricity supplier various sitzkrieg.

fake electricity supplier sensitive nerve tingling read more

What kind of SEM talent is needed

SEM: the search engine marketing, search engine marketing refers to the search engine platform, to adjust the page in the search results page ranking to the site visits as a means for search engine users and expand marketing activities.

search engine as the entrance of the Internet, the vast number of enterprises increasingly attention, we all want to intercept more customers at the entrance, so search engine marketing is particularly important. At the same time search engine marketing has been recognized by the majority of enterprises and attention. No matter what kind of industry is the nature of everyone in the network marketing work, hoping to search engine marketing to expand their market share, increase their company benefits. read more