webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 12th news, with the growing number of China Mobile end users, the major Internet giants have to find the entrance of mobile internet. Compared with the traditional PC Internet, the biggest difference is that the mobile Internet mobile two words, so the Internet giant have accelerated mining LBS (location-based services) business opportunities.

what is LBS? LBS is also called location based service, it is through the mobile telecommunications operators of radio communication networks (such as GSM network, CDMA network) or external positioning (such as GPS) to obtain location information of a mobile terminal user (or geographic coordinates, geodetic coordinates, GIS (Geographic) in Information System the geographic information system) platform, under the support of a value-added service to provide the corresponding service for the user. For most people, LBS sounds more uncommon, but its practical application has been everywhere. Consumers can LBS whenever and wherever possible social networking and entertainment and so on, whether it is "lost" or "blind", by virtue of LBS related applications in the mobile phone, go out in the outside is not have to worry about getting lost and can’t find a place to eat. LBS based on map is playing a more and more important role in people’s life. In the field of mass consumption, LBS has become one of the most high-profile areas of high value-added smartphone applications.

whether LBS really contains business opportunities? First, we first look at what he has models, mainly divided into entertainment mode, life service model, social model. Which I think we are more familiar with sign pattern, this pattern is mainly dominated by Foursquare, and some similar foreign service as well as Gowalla, Whrrl etc., at home are: mutter, foursquare and street, happy, fun, where dozens of. Just now there are playing sign it all busy brush micro-blog WeChat! The U.S. social networking site Foursquare from 2009 to date, LBS applications have fallen. Foursquare is also in rapid decline, the vice president of angel Bay, vice president of leather, said, whether it is sign service, game mechanics, or merchant offers, are also obsessed with the LBS itself." As of now, the mobile Internet as the originator of LBS company, Foursquare has only 30 million users, 1 million 500 thousand businesses.

iResearch analyst Shen old believes that the pure LBS them, but LBS as a mobile application standard service began showing a trend towards O2O. SNS sites such as micro-blog, renren.com, unfamiliar street are equipped with LBS capabilities, WeChat in the vicinity of the people through LBS contact stranger, unfamiliar street depth embedded in LBS, let you and like-minded people together; dianping.com, Ctrip, including those taxi App provide LBS access. IResearch show that by the end of 2012 China’s mobile phone location service users close to 5>

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