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I horse contact, a consumer goods company, want to be a hundred years old, you must let yourself become a cultural brand. Jordan shoes are infinitely close to this point. April 2014, AIR JORDAN series of twenty-ninth new products released in New York. Michael Jordan turned from the court ruler sports product of the rulers, what is the difference between the two? And from New York to China, a pair of shoes and Jordan is how to make his many fans crazy, please read the story quickly fly.


although the "air" has retired from basketball for ten years, but Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) in the world to show his old sword, not only earn more money than ever before, and now popular athletes are not much better.

he made $90 million last year. This figure is beyond Jordan in 1997 to 1998 athletes peak season of the annual income of $80 million record, also won in 2013 almost all active and retired athletes gold absorption capacity — only the "pretty boy" in addition to the boxer Freud Mayweather (Floyd Mayweat her).

‘s $90 million comes from the JORDAN brand named after Jordan, a high-end brand of footwear, clothing and accessories for Nike. Data website SportsOneSource estimates that last year, into the "flying money" from Nike to get at least 75 million dollars.

which, JORDAN brand AIR JORDAN (referred to as AJ) series of shoes, the profit cow". Since the launch in 1985 has been 29 generations of shoes, shoes fans recognized: each generation of AJ are integrated with the world’s most cutting-edge shoe technology, design and fashion.

in the birthplace of the United States JORDAN brand, shoes arena is Jordan.

SportsOneSource display, 2013 each sold two pairs of basketball shoes, there is a pair of Jordan brand in the huge "Nike Empire" last year revenues of $26 billion, $2 billion contribution to the Jordan brand, also occupy 92% of the market share of American basketball shoes Nike.

want to know that most of the developed athletes lack of financial savvy. In 2009, the "Sports Illustrated" (SportsIllustrated) reported, quite generally, the financial status of retired athletes in a complete mess, even a lot of people fall into the debt crisis.

basketball "flash", in business is a talent, he especially know how to operate their own "head rings".


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