along with online shopping, forums, SNS community from online to offline migration, the traditional marketing routines more and more no effect. No matter understand, some vision of the enterprise leaders all rooted in the mobile terminal altogether, the development of app, Taobao Tmall, WeChat do in public, can be described as The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea to exhaust all the skills. So, here’s the problem: how to ensure your brains make copy not be instantly submerged in the ocean of information? This year Niuben brother industry as a non famous Master, want to take one.

do the following six points, brother to ensure you cool to burst ~

identity. Tell the story of the members of the community, even if your community is less than 50 people, you can only talk about these people in the community and related topics. As early as possible to do so, but to do so often. People want to see themselves in your story, hoping to gain a sense of identity and a sense of belonging. In the final analysis, all activities of the network society, can be summarized in order to find a place to belong.


help. As far as your community is concerned, the more you share the "Tao of life" associated with their own experiences, the more likely they are to come back to you frequently in order to learn more from you. People in the world are all around, trying to find the special for him and the existence of things, will be through a filter determines their eyes where to stay, regardless of their behavior, finally gives the feeling of how holy and noble. People can never throw away the idea of self-interest.

elegance. The more people you come into contact with, the more benefits you will receive. Every message you share is a reflection of your company’s values. How to behave gracefully when dealing with people is a deep learning. For example, you talk about your grandfather to take you to go fishing, but this is how to shape your style, then, compared with other details of your story, such a warm story would be longer in mind.


concise. Don’t spend too much time on others. In advance of the requirement, the first will be gradually established channels, which have a certain size, rather than a bunch of things in the past people dumping altogether. In today’s world, people with mobile phones or laptops and other mobile networking equipment, you can contact with different people at any time, the time is running out. People are more and more inclined to receive information that can be swallowed up. Treat them as snacks instead of a bunch of dazzling buffets. Make sure to share your ideas in a concise way (like this paragraph text is an example).


share. Make the most of your channels

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