meaning "focus on the beautiful, cosmetics, bring a romance to a happy ending" because of its simple and interesting shopping experience, trustworthy and consumers, especially by women’s groups welcome, sparked concern. Recently, has finally successfully listed on the NYSE, their CEO also became the boss of the young Chinese companies landing the nyse. Chen Ou really became really rich handsome. Of course, just from this joke a bit meaning does not have any business, hope oneself can in Chung competition talent shows itself in the industry, enhance the performance in the shortest possible time, to expand the market territory listed. But really can do this and a few? Pure envy does not solve the problem, see success out of, it is all of our enterprises should think of something. So what are the advantages of


one, strong financial resources, which laid the foundation for the development of beautiful focus. In order to expand the scale of operation, to strengthen their own strength, focusing on the preparation of beautiful capital, the use of up and down the effort. From the construction of storage to the development of logistics, and then to the development of the office area and professional customer service center to improve the building, behind the strong financial support and protection. As everyone knows, by way of online shopping purchase, delivery, delivery timely, logistics quality, will directly affect the user’s shopping experience, is also a major test for the quality of service of the seller. At this point, the focus can be described as beautiful generous, big investment, has invested millions of dollars to build a first-class modern distribution system. From this point of view, increase financial security, enhance logistics construction is also a focus on the direction of the future is bound to adhere to the beautiful.

second, pay attention to the user experience, professional inspection process and quality assurance is a prerequisite. In the delivery, distribution and other logistics links, focusing on the user experience is very beautiful, truly "customer is God", and the first time for the customer and the problems found in follow-up and treatment, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Focus first beautiful authentic guarantee, at this point, all these beautiful and focused brands together, so as to strictly control the purchase channels, the poor quality of the defective products completely eliminate outside, so as to ensure the good quality of products. Focus on the beautiful and suppliers and agents to establish a good relationship of cooperation, from the logistics and distribution to the user experience, so that the layers of strict checks.

three, a good reputation of the brand, but also focus on the development of one of the advantages of beautiful. Focus on the beautiful provisions, only bought the brand cosmetics users can publish reports and reputation, reputation center comments and remarks are from a real shopping experience of consumers, so as to ensure the authenticity and objectivity of reputation report, put an end to some of the network Navy malicious comments and child care of compliments. This provides a reliable scientific basis for users to buy cosmetics in the selection. This is also the focus of the advantages of beauty, in the future development should continue to maintain.

lists three points, you have seen after is slightly dark, in fact, the success of for >

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