technology news news September 29th, before the tour game business group president Wang has a business, the new company Zilongjin mutual entertainment has officially opened in recently, the main business involves the animation, movies, games and toys etc.. The message says, mutual entertainment has billions of dollars of financing.

in May of this year, Wang has to swim to resign, Wang was the reason for the resignation of my answer is: tired. According to sources, Wang is the main reason for his resignation during the tour, did not have a new phenomenon of the emergence of a class of products, after the success of the dragon eight 3D and its relationship is not large.

before leaving the tour, Wang straight swim in the leading end of the tour, hand travel business, especially the end of the tour and hand travel products agent distribution, IP introduction, entirely by Wang is responsible for.

Wang worked before joining the tour, two operators and three general manager at the perfect time, operating over 2 "," Zhu Xian "fantasy Zhu Xian" project. In 2010, Wang Yi came to a vice president from perfect, responsible for product and market operators, to game business group president in June 2014, all the game business.

Wang before leaving, Sohu has launched a framework to adjust the swim. November 2014, Mr. Wang Tao, President of the tour to leave, in January 2015, retired executive director of Wang Tao. (Ivan)

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