suddenly overnight in the newspaper website, always see "male" I sell website pictures and related reports, call the past people said recently on the website are out of stock, "why male" website so popular? Think carefully originally a webmaster not stand selling website but the "I love"! Hey, you really don’t say it really than in stationmaster net sites like sell namely fast fire! There must be "fire" the truth…

in the marketing of "surprise"

every day we go see the fruit on the side of the street, gadgets, snacks, souvenirs, vegetables and other common things are very common, and even see performers, begging, begging for money, buy pirated discs will be not at all surprising, suddenly see roadside several sell website seems to be a little it was so unexpected, but the virtual network products, also is high technology, how to get the stall to sell??? Can sell out? Do not look down upon this stall, it is to sell what what fire ah, do not need the earlier investigation, without any cost, website has been sold out, but also in the Tencent, the site of Baidu to compete with


website will be sold by chance? Not, this is precisely the advantage in the marketing of "surprise" this way, for example, belonged to the Australian kangaroo in the Himalaya Range suddenly found traces of it would cause major media attention and coverage, will concern us all about. Even each other as news to discuss, "male" success is to seize the people of novelty, curious heart, so in a very short period of time is not just to sell their own websites but also attracted the most attention, the newspaper


"hi tech" and "soil marketing"

when most people only through the Internet can go to buy their own website, suddenly one day walk in the road can buy it, do you think this seems to be some unbelievable? But now really make your dreams come true, you no longer have to visit those sites, like look for a needle in the ocean where hard to find., also need not fear to see each other in the virtual network and worry to be cheated, you can face to face and the exchange of communication, if happy it can bargain, this is really

shooting two birds with one stone!

when the "high-tech" and "soil marketing" combined can really play their unique power. First of all, this is in reason or China conform to most people’s mind, people will in a hurry hurry in the roadside Amoy point for their practical and cheap, saves time but also saves money really is "male" shoot two hawks with one arrow! Also is to seize this combination not only sell his website, also let oneself become the north gate of the "silly root", has become the focus of media, celebrity


through the "male" this incident so I really appreciate the "do not do, only want to.

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