[review] urban beauty 80% stores for the franchise, to solve the problem of distribution of interests online and offline.


Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on March 5th

Exploration of

in traditional enterprises to tide the integration of online and offline, urban women underwear brand is also exploring O2O mode of online does not make money, profits all go down the line shop.

beauty of city currently has more than 6 thousand stores, including 20% stores, 80% stores. By the way, urban beauty solves the problem of distribution of interests online and offline.

entities in the development process of O2O model, the biggest problem is the contradiction between the online part and the resources have been wired channels, different companies to take different solutions. For example, Suning the implementation of online and offline goods through the same price, some of the clothing brand is also exploring the online information flow, commodity flow through.

urban women underwear industry believes that the electricity supplier must be different from the existing e-commerce platform. In addition to the purchase of underwear to meet the visual enjoyment, consumers pay more attention to the degree of comfort, underwear consumer demand can not be effectively met by means of e-commerce.

therefore, in the positioning of the online and offline channels in the foundation of urban beauty stores location will line on the survival and development of the electricity supplier located in physical sales terminal complement.

vice president of urbanlady Shuang interview introduced the specific mode of operation: users online registered members, will let users choose a line of stores; selling goods online, after deducting operating costs of all proceeds to the store. The distribution process is completed by the parent company to the next line store without the need for warehouse, goods, management of energy.

this means that the electricity supplier platform is only to maintain operations, but do not make a profit, return all the profits belong to a single member of the physical store.


is calculated according to the urban beauty, the average selling price of goods 100 yuan, after deducting the cost of goods and business platform operating costs, can be assigned to store profit of about 15-20 yuan.

for urban women, the next line store channel is the survival of the user, pull fitting, display are inseparable from the line shop. Online as a supplement to the user to provide online purchase channels. The future, urban beauty will launch APP.

city beauty line stores last year sales of 6 billion yuan, from 2012 to start planning a business platform. Official disclosure, as of now has invested more than 20 million yuan for the electronic business platform.

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