many novice webmaster feel site difficult, difficult maintenance, promotion is more difficult, because the domestic prohibit individuals registered CN domain name to the construction cost rising rapidly, two of the countries are abnormal strictly on the network management, and the color all related IDC, alliance, webmaster have to may, three is the major forum to strengthen the management of website in Baidu, Post Bar, know, QQ, alumni propaganda become more difficult.


, built a free movie station and free resources station, built quickly copy the content of the others, and then to the forum, Post Bar, know, QQ, alumni big advertising, there are a lot of out soon it was deleted, the end of the day ads everywhere, but the effect is less effective.

a few days ago, through the exchange and other webmaster, understand the importance of dedication, previously to make money and propaganda, do not consider the user’s psychological needs, but now very different. The traditional marketing has little mass advertising, through the network of new marketing mode can achieve good results, this day, come up with their own modifications for a week "similar PC advertising network" to the source task. China, stationmaster net webmaster, outdated to post, that can bring you hundreds of IP every day. Another method is the electronic version of the collection of books, and then uploaded to Sina asked to share information, every day will easily get hundreds of IP traffic.

a lot of owners can not earn money because there is no traffic, looking for a practical way to promote the promotion of eyebrow. I suggest the first line of service second. We need to change our mode of thinking, advertising is not fly income, and should be accurate marketing, we first need to understand what users need, what, what about worry.

with this bottom, we combine our knowledge. Asked if he could help them, for them to solve these problems, rather than to the forum, Post Bar, others blog post and message blindly. For example, I was doing guest website, to take the promotion commission becomes more and more difficult, because I want to website promotion advertisement, hope to buy this service. If we only have a large collection of prosperous, or in the forum constantly advertising, with little success.

we can go to Baidu, Baidu and Taobao know Post Bar forum to see, then we know what they want: how to improve the credibility of the shop, shop management, how to make the most money cheats what to sell, how to improve the sales and promotion of goods and so on are all issues of concern to them. Knowing their needs, we can collect some information about Baidu, and then made into e-books, free of charge to them. What they need, we first enter the Post Bar not post, but the first search, and then use their know to give them some advice or help, and finally promote the way some of my things.

is based on the "service first" approach, in which we take advantage of their psychological needs and then seek ways to solve or meet their needs

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