meeting yesterday I mentioned why doctorvisits WeChat a lot, but the hospital has said that the high cost of development, to reduce the number of the Department, more directly removed not good of the department. I can’t understand this. Later, after listening to the hospital’s cost accounting to know the reason, say it and we discuss together.

(1) the difference between active marketing and passive marketing

did not have this consciousness before, take it for granted that the number of personnel and development is proportional to the number of visits and benefits. Which I ignore a problem, is the product and service is not available, such as those who engage in direct marketing, they must be relatively active marketing, because the popularity of products was not high, if you go to the supermarket to perhaps no one to buy, but the supermarket price and selling price basically the difference is not large, the customer is not because the price of the product is cheap to buy, buy products more users are dependent on the persuasiveness of the salesman, so there is no difference of so-called development costs; compare hospital hospital marketing is different, in fact it is WeChat big data mining initiative, active mining means little interest in the user the case through intimidation, persuade, induce the patient to the hospital, the patients are passive, may have no disease or have little disease, be persuaded Go to the hospital, so the patient is also very careful to spend. From the data analysis, the hospital developed by WeChat a lot of patients is the consumption of 500 yuan in the removal of personnel, salary and commission, basically is not to make money for the hospital cost accounting, if the boss does not make money, the Department will be the meaning of existence, from the angle of the reduction and removal of personnel department is reasonable.

(2) patients with deep demand mining

The difference of

apart from the above, we analysis the needs of users, for example, patients at the hospital, such as Li usually have symptoms of urgency and dysuria, due to various reasons, he feel shy to go to hospital, suddenly one day, he received a micro signal andrology hospital application invitation, originally he didn’t want to pass, but WeChat head is a small nurse beauty, feel or add it, boring chat, so Mike and hospital staff have WeChat marketing customer relationship, with the further development of marketing personnel, Mike felt his condition is very serious, it is necessary to check, but he still very cautious, although he decided to go to the hospital, but I just want to understand first check, as for the severity of the disease, when the results come out to other medicine In contrast to the WeChat Institute; Li doctor assistant of beauty to the reservation number to the hospital, carefully examined, spent 200 yuan, although the doctor clearly told him the condition is very serious, he felt a bit worried about his illness, but in the end still stick to their ideas, check after check out directly. Xiao Li spent 200 yuan on the whole process of inspection costs.

for example, Wang got prostatitis, is not light weight, often in the online search for the treatment of disease

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