in the new media marketing common hard wide promotion, watercress hard wide is a very special existence. Compared to other commonly used in the hard and simple push push information, watercress has always been able to gently and accurately into the hearts of users, and users are also very recognized. Watercress win weapon is that it attaches great importance to the user experience, and has been committed to the protection of network users vulnerable heart.

has not been difficult to find a wide spread after the watercress hard to find, watercress network has been in the language with watercress users communicate. This long-term understanding of user preferences, and psychology as a starting point of the new media marketing mode in this era is undoubtedly an antidote against the disease, is worth promoting. In this literary and artistic place, even rigid advertising is also very literary and artistic, with watercress users enjoy a small fresh breath. Compared to many of those sites forced to implant, disorganized and lack of coordination of new media marketing hard wide, watercress advertising situation clean, fresh style, and good coordination. They, like other normal information, are naturally friendly to the user’s eye, allowing users to accept their presence almost without any resistance, even taking the time to read them.

On the other hand,

maintains the user experience is to provide information when the user needs, rather than forcing its passive acceptance of hard news. The main categories of advertising have watercress watercress reading on the right side of the electricity supplier to buy links, watercress film plate associated with online booking link, watercress city activities in the purchase link, and DouBan FM in radio advertising and each page hard wide promotion. One of the first three modules of advertising implants, and stiff new media marketing promotion, the corresponding behavior of these three modules corresponding to the ad itself may become part of the user needs. The emergence of these hard wide make people want to buy the product can easily find the way to buy the product and complete the purchase, which effectively enhance the user experience.

I believe that the new media marketing era of hard wide implants can not simply take the fast profit as the sole purpose, if the damage to the user experience is likely to cause long-term losses. Although the target audience is not too broad, it is limited to the use of watercress network. But it is really in the use of social thinking and thinking, and do a good job in the new media marketing era of precise advertising. Facts have proved that the pace of hard implants in the wider slow watercress network, has achieved a certain degree of success, to become a good example.

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