hospital is now more and more, whether it is state-owned and private, can not rely on self financing, the government is less and less, most hospitals are on government subsidies to survive, although private hospitals do not rely on government subsidies, but the brand awareness and reputation of public hospitals is relatively poor, our hearts the most often said that the hospital is black, the water is very deep, this is also the hospital industry generic unspoken rule.

in the hospital market, the most important is the removal of word-of-mouth marketing, the former hospital’s own "old disease" will be on the basis of the success of Internet marketing; spread wide, spread fast, the future will be one of the best hospital industry marketing mode, and in the process if the bad reputation will bring serious consequences, negative more and more information will be online, and can not be deleted, if you can pay attention to the following points can not believe the wrong marketing effect:

1, technical advantage and interaction, combined with the characteristics of the Internet, the hospital customer, medical technology is the pursuit of the most important products, but consumers do not understand the living characteristics of technology, then you can interact with the Internet, interactive (micro-blog, is now rising and a marketing way) (Interactive video lectures or seminars), more exchanges to increase understanding, to narrow the distance between each other (closer interaction).

2, service marketing strategy, service marketing is the core of patients, marketing activities to the patient as the center". To the hospital for care and care for patients in various services, and other aspects of the environment, in fact, I feel that the hospital said the guide of the image really gives a bright eyes, through the Internet to guide this image on the video sharing website, believe that good effects can be obtained (good image must be pushed out).

3, the Internet differentiated marketing strategy, the core of the implementation of differentiated competitive strategy is to pursue and create a distinct personality and characteristics of the hospital, the hospital relies on this feature to form their own unique market. In the hospital the Internet Keywords positioning, to have primary and secondary, the hospital can not do everything, not all is a comprehensive hospital, to show their best, will be one of the best choices (to move away the world).

4, Internet brand strategy, the hospital should enhance the core competitiveness, that is, brand, technology, services, the core competitiveness of the three. The interaction with technical experts and technical products and equipment providers interact to increase the transparency of the future will become the future of the hospital in the mainstream of Internet branding. Hospital technology products in the real world is unable to realize the interactive communication, and can be realized by virtual means on the Internet, so it is more conducive to the understanding of hospital customer products, enhance the sense of trust (transparent increase trust).

in the hospital industry network marketing success only in the removal of "old disease" on the basis of realization, otherwise everything will be empty.

we don’t talk about state hospitals because they have mothers who can’t live as hard as they can, while private hospitals and clinics

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