a few days ago, with the "2" cyclone girl in Hunan satellite TV successfully launched, many people found in the play is quite eye-catching "implant becheery becheery", not only the Hunan TV Week broadcast drama "tornado Girl 2" together with the audience favorite, had also participated in the "lonely gourmet", "never thought", "the little prince" and other entertainment marketing.

what is the significance of entertainment marketing for the development of the electricity supplier


then entertainment marketing in the end what is it? In fact, by means of entertainment elements or form products and customer emotion to establish contact, so as to achieve the sales of products, to establish customer loyalty to marketing.

The essence of

entertainment marketing is a kind of emotional marketing, emotional marketing is not to persuade customers to buy from the rational, but through the emotional resonance to trigger customer buying behavior.

now, many large companies have used entertainment marketing. Such as Apple’s entertainment empire, Disney sales entertainment experience, Hollywood entertainment industry, and many enterprises use the entertainment marketing achievements of the brand, such as McDonald’s entertainment, Pepsi also by star music and other entertainment strategy has become the most popular Chinese drinks, entertainment marketing role is self-evident.


Yuan Ziqian vice president of Thai Culture said: "good quality products and entertainment content are real advertising, therefore, marketing must stand in the individual consumers to think in terms of content, no intimacy entertainment content construction, there is no brand alive."

so what is the classic way of entertainment marketing


a star endorsement. This method is known to everyone, needless to say, the use of economic incentives is well-known fans.

The title sponsor of

two. Every time you watch TV, there are always a lot of programs to say a lot of words, such as: This program sponsored by the XXX brand broadcast; XXX brand reminds you to watch TV next season XXX.

three. Content placement. As mentioned above, becheery, and "Ode to joy" appeared frequently in the three squirrels, "nine gate" in milk and so on.

four. Peripheral marketing. This kind of marketing is very suitable for the star or two dimension related products, whether it is to do, paper film, postcards and so on, are of concern.

five. Manufacturing topics. If there is no topic, can make the original such as Durex! Live, tens of thousands of people waited for three hours, but the results did not wait until the desired content, while being Tucao, but it achieves the effect.

innovative marketing approach is one of the important ways to upgrade the brand, the novel form, the new theme, the new connotation, but also make your marketing points a lot!

but specialize in, want to do network promotion, enterprises need to find professional network marketing teams, tailored to your marketing plan.

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