the so-called news is the latest occurrence of the unknown, to know, to know the facts of the report.

human beings are born with the desire to learn, it is natural, in the era of advertising bombing, the recognition of the news is much higher than advertising.

so early is called soft news advertising or advertising news, with the continuous evolution of the network media environment, site owners will be "soft," further, perhaps there is no "news" is only implied into the "key point".

in the network media environment, put a "news", can by hand edit filter as in the past after the release, you can own the free press in the Forum; can reach media, enterprises and consumers win-win news demand, can only enterprise news marketing success.

news marketing cost is low but the reliability is very high, although sales does not necessarily play a direct role in promoting, but is conducive to the creation of the brand, promotion and maintenance, can be said to have effect, but I do not know when to show. Stamina is sufficient, but also conducive to the two development communication.

some people say: advertising spend 100 thousand yuan to achieve the effect of news planning to spend $1000 can be achieved, the successful use of this means of enterprises, 30% of the name comes from the news of its promotional costs of 1%. So what should we do in the new marketing environment?

general enterprise network news soft text as follows.

1 select news point

any network hot spots, focus, viewpoint or network events news can be grafted to the network news soft wen.

2 to optimize the manuscript

optimization is for search engine optimization rather than the reader optimization, optimization of the main purpose is to better spread, mainly in the search engine among the natural search dissemination. Key words cleverly designed, both to meet the reader’s reading experience, but also to play the effect of soft text optimization. However, we can not optimize the optimization, remember.

3 network news

we can put on their own, others broadcast or others to write a network of business news is conducive to the collection of a special page to enhance the awareness of visitors to the brand and its trust.

what would happen if we were able to release our product information all over the country overnight, if the media kept up with the news we designed, what would that mean?

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