"WeChat marketing" in WeChat’s marketing platform now many commercial enterprises are to find ways in the following micro-blog has a powerful, all enterprises are fancy, WeChat’s powerful user base, and WeChat launch platform, is to cater to the most precise user marketing marketing purpose, so it is imperative to to establish their own corporate marketing WeChat.

In the WeChat

trying to grab a cup of soup, then you must know how to come out of the promotion of official public account of their own? WeChat marketing some practical skills? The following combination of practical experience, to share my experience with you WeChat promotion.

first, before WeChat marketing must understand itself is what, how to reasonable use of these functions is developed naturally a lot of WeChat or QQ users love interest, have a certain value, it can be said that starting from the function of interest.

People near

: This is also the easiest way is: personalized signature. Set up a personalized signature. Then look at the people around you, you can be seen by others, if your signature to attract others, it is possible to get attention.

drift bottles: this play has been played, the basic is to engage in the hundreds of small, every day thousands of bottles of drift, and then write some induced message, so that they take the initiative to add you. As the method is also a look for a needle in the ocean to find the user skills, can also directly promote the micro signal, but this effect is not acceptable.

shake: a little light put method shake, our goal is to let them see our signature or with us, then you can not stop a shake, some people have tried, surprisingly good results. The advantage of this approach is that you can break the geographical restrictions. Shake is paired with the nearest user while shaking the phone, if there is no nearby, then it will give you the other relatively close.

second, share the experience is familiar with the function of promotion of its own, need more force, borrow 42 pounds force play its advantages of favorable resources to promote the public to WeChat, and its methods.

borrow large micro-blog WeChat has been pushed in this way to do WeChat are very fast to get a lot of fans. You can also use their own resources to swap with others, but for the novice without resources, only to find some of the large micro-blog to promote the money, this method is relatively easy to get fans

second, community forums such as the promotion of soft paper promotion in everyone, watercress, Post Bar, space, forum and so on. Based on this generalization of a class is registered with large numbers of such account set up posts pictures can be two-dimensional code image, post signature. And then ready to be useful for everyone to release the soft text information, coupled with their own WeChat to promote, this is when a lot of users to see their own useful will inevitably scan plus WeChat concern.

third, contact the actual line of products to promote, this is a friend can have the resources to do things, such as you have entity >

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