introduction: today in marketing to learn to observe changes of consumers from different angles, so as to find effective marketing strategy.


today’s "consumers" can be described as changing, but one thing is for sure is that consumers are driven by the desire to meet their needs and the reality of the formation of potential groups". The reason for this is that products or services cater to the needs of consumers and satisfy their desires. For example, 80, 90 consumers their pursuit of self, personality and independent lifestyle, in access to the basic interests of product level, also hope to get a kind of aesthetic experience, happy feeling, especially in the consumer lifestyle and social status symbol. So in today’s marketing to learn from different angles to observe the changes of consumers, so as to find effective marketing strategy.

foreign marketing book in such a story, the different conclusion be quite different: a person to see the people on the island do not wear shoes, there is no market ", another man exclaimed: gosh! The people on the island do not wear shoes, the market is too large! This one, the thing itself does not change, the only change is in our view of things, namely the angle. In fact, due to the lack of consciousness of angle, some people are not aware that only technological invention of typical product category, many people will be with the new demands of the new invention is equal, but in fact, technical invention and application (meet consumer demand) are two different things. Just as in the industrial society, as in the invention of steam, the man who created and made the pot was not the inventor of the steam engine, but the railroad. Today, Alibaba’s success is the same, the network technology is not the length of the Alibaba, but the network technology and market demand (consumer) and play to the extreme is the key to the success of Alibaba. In fact, when knowledge became All the world knows. common sense of the so-called "innovation", more than 90% are from out of the ordinary way of thinking or different angles to understand the world.

here also reminds me of years ago to a company to do market analysis and assessment on that related to the investigation of the company doing investigation that all ladies cosmetic target consumers are generally: income rich, time, knowledge, intelligent occupation female or wealthy, innocent and lovely, light of heart from care and pursuit of perfection the young girl, obviously this investigation to the enterprise marketing significance is limited, and did not catch the essence of this kind of consumer products. The reason why there is such a mistake, the reason is that the market survey from the subjective desire, did not learn from different angles to observe consumer changes, insight into consumer demand. Remember: the angle is not a kind of knowledge, but a way of thinking.

marketing people know, after 80, 90 have ahead of consumer awareness, spending no restraint, how much to spend how much to spend, rarely consider saving for the future, dare to spend tomorrow’s money, round today’s dream. But how does this phenomenon

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