July 13th news (reporter Zhao Yue) domestic video intelligent analysis engine and the interactive scene SaaS service provider announced the acquisition of 5 million yuan as the connectivity of the angel round of financing, the investor is Beijing grantex Century Investment fund.

connectivity (Beijing as connectivity Technology Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2015, is a computer vision and deep learning based video intelligent analysis engine and the interactive scene SaaS service technology innovation company. Through the optic communication technology, which can analyze the objects in video scene automatic identification machine, which brings various modes of interaction for the parties around the promotion of film and television industry, improve the liquidity of visual advertising.

is founder and CEO Xu Yiyang said, the future will be connected to visual intelligent video analysis engine and the existing scene interactive SaaS service based, launched C platform products to end users to improve the technology, give users a good experience includes a new generation of technology.

at the same time, VR/AR, live, video visual search engine (the next generation of search engines) will become the focus of the future development of a number of connected products technology business.

The application of

, the visual connectivity technology can be directly involved in the entertainment industry in the pre production process, in film and television production, advertising investment, promotion and other pre issuance process, according to the needs of the technical support directly connected through the optic embedded advertising, games, activities, social scene etc.. In the user experience based on visual communication technology in the production of film and television works, can directly click on the index in the video content, realistic style game enhanced interaction with the video scene objects, characters, and characters in the video scene or goods, interact participates in various interesting.

connected that after the video scene can be extracted quickly with low cost, video advertising will be the formation of exponential growth, the advertising model will also usher in a comprehensive innovation, which will affect the volume of the various forms of advertising market. Advertising and gaming industry will usher in the two major changes.

visual connectivity of the target customer is the content of the video industry producers, advertisers, all kinds of broadcast platform and a wider range of electricity providers, social and information service providers.

Experts and senior management personnel

founding members from Cisco, IBM R & D center and research institutions and senior film producer, is committed to the video depth data mining, to provide video objects (including merchandise, characters and scenes etc.) the intelligent recognition and derivative application mode of service.

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