a foreign research report, 46.6% of the Digg front page content is controlled by the 50 sites. These sites include telegraph.co.uk, nytimes.com, youtube.com, time.com, etc..

Zhu Zerong said: this data not many people pay attention to, like our domestic content website, which IT website, commercial website, industry website, webmaster website is the original content which other site control, by which type of control, which is the company’s control, which is reported in the main author control, no one noticed, this is an interesting study.


, Digg when the front page is 50 site centralized control, reflects a serious problem: in the past, Digg is considered to be the collective wisdom, including all of the era of the Web2.0 website, are considered to be the strength of the masses, but this myth story today within, because they will only belong to some people, a few people. This is like the day Microsoft, GOOGLE and other companies dominate the news IT news headlines mainly — specifically, they have control of the media, there are some websites, there will be a lot of topics, focus on a person, an event, a company, some of the original content, have been merged into one or three topics will occupy an important position in some sites, then every day, every month, every year to attract people’s attention, of course, also make one or a company a person or company that most people are familiar with.

now, we return to the website, the website writing soft, website marketing, website promotion and so on all issues, whether you are aware of: control media, some website forum is very necessary, it can be said that it is a very important development strategy, we must consciously to this aspect to consider.

Digg is a user driven, voters chose those being pushed to the front page, according to their points of interest and concern the same, regardless of any website editor has the right to decide whether to use your article, if your company is reported to you, whether the content of the expression to be disseminated to all active exploration people, this is a challenge, you may not need to know any editor, but you have enough content to be published, although the Internet is readily improvisational writing, whether the article to inspire other readers is whether the article was published on, you should consider more.

Zhu Zerong language: the original content of the site, how to control the site is an important strategy for the media, the original author, the site to write in order to win, there is a strategic writing is a successful marketing and marketing of their own premise.

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