home appliance repair industry as a traditional industry has its own characteristics, WeChat operations should be carried out in accordance with its own characteristics. Home appliance repair industry is characterized by its strong regional, a limited coverage of the maintenance point, the farther away from the door is more expensive. The appliance repair industry belongs to the service industry, the pain is still some common problems in the service industry, including the price standard, quality, service integrity and ability to speed problem, and solve problems.

based on the above issues, how to solve the problem of the Internet through the Internet to become the key point of O2O. I have to do some home appliance repair business network promotion consulting services, according to its own characteristics, the following recommendations are given.

from the point of view of the line, more than the maintenance point is the necessary way to solve the problem of coverage, this problem is not a special method, but can make the maintenance point lighter. Emphasize the service in all walks of life of the times, optimize the appliance repair more emphasis on service, in the trend of all kinds of door model, free door-to-door maintenance fee has become an inevitable trend of the appliance repair industry, so the maintenance point not to find the front room, because most repairs are door, maintenance can be pulled back on machine maintenance you can even repair, dormitory can be used as a maintenance point.

to protect the family dimension for example, to the convenience of free service fee in the name of once a month (half) into the area of maintenance, resulting in influence, when the residents of the home at any time to the appliance repair, maintenance will contact them. They are not regularly for the elderly appliance repair, have social influence in the name of charity, shaping the corporate brand. But that is the case, the coverage of its customers in the area is still less than twenty percent, how to improve the coverage of their services, the author gives advice from the perspective of O2O.

traditional home appliance repair shop is the wife and husband shop, the network is not very understanding, so from the online point of view, compared with the APP, home appliance repair O2O WeChat public number is still the first choice. WeChat public number of operations include the content of the operation and promotion.

content recommendations include the following:

in addition to the common columns such as company introduction, qualification, etc., but also to include home appliances maintenance knowledge.

reflect their own strength and characteristics, such as can put their own branch introduction, etc., there is a small area can be put down broadcast.

online repair is of course to be the best, the main menu column can click directly to repair, do not put in the sub menu, reducing the user steps. Repair need to fill in the column as simple as possible, preferably including telephone and address and fault, customer service good local distribution of branch staff on-site maintenance.

can also put the company’s news, marketing activities, etc..

in order to solve the problem of charging standards, you can open on WeChat charges.

can be set online

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