recently, the human resources technology startups Comparably announced a $7 million 250 thousand venture capital investment, leading investors is well-known venture capital Greycroft Partners, a number of investment institutions to vote. The latest investment will be used for further research and development of human resources services tools, more efficient monitoring of the job market trends, and to tap more corporate recruitment information.

Comparably, co-founder of the industry last year by several startups founded, including the social document sharing website Docstoc co-founder Jason Nazar, Yammer enterprise social networking service platform co-founder George Ishii, former chief operating officer of Docstoc / cash financial technology startups DebtMarket co-founder Mike Sheridan, as well as the public to raise financing and social science startups InvestedIn co-founder Yadid Ramot.

the company’s entrepreneurial goal is very clear, that is, to enhance the transparency of recruitment, job seekers to help more accurately understand the salary and corporate culture, etc.. Nazar said:

our mission is to help job seekers to find a better job, and to achieve this goal, the first thing is to allow candidates to clearly understand the transparency of the company’s salary and corporate culture.

in fact, wages and benefits is one of the most opaque information in the job circle, many people do not know whether their wages are proportional to the amount of labor paid. Comparably broke the traditional "wall", they allow the welfare information of any company employees anonymous upload their scope, including wages, working hours, the scale of enterprises, and the city, etc.. After that, other job seekers will be able to login the platform, the industry peers salary and welfare level have a general understanding of the candidates can be aware of.


Comparably was founded less than two years, but has already developed many new services, for example, can help employees better understand their own will be able to get much equity, corporate average salary level and salary to get their dream job and etc.. In addition, the company also provides services for the enterprise, let the company executives understand the industry salary level, help to ensure their talents will not quit, or competitors.

Comparably, however, there are many competitors, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other human resources services company, but their competitive advantage is mainly concentrated in the technology industry, and has more than 1500 companies are using the enterprise end tools, including Amazon, DELL, Warner Brothers, Netfli>

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