in recent years is the B2C era, is also the group purchase era, with the gradual increase of people online shopping, group purchase also quietly affecting people’s lives, as a webmaster, usually also see the development of many websites and group purchase promotion, so today and everyone on my website to understand some simple group purchase.

group purchase website has obvious features: price concessions, it will make a lot of users are generally accepted, of course, it is because of its characteristics, so in the operation of group purchase site and ordinary station is different. In addition to online promotion and some similar to ordinary stations, the line is also very important to expand cooperation with businesses.

online promotion to enhance visibility

since it is the group purchase website, so we cannot do without the promotion, whether it is what kind of product, the product quality is good, the price is how discount, but if there are no more users know your web presence, then everything is meaningless. Furthermore, the characteristics of the group is cheap, cheap focus is the volume of sales, so there is no popularity, it is impossible to achieve bulk sales. So if you do online promotion? In fact, group purchase station and the common website promotion mode is similar, if funded, then the promotion is not difficult, can cooperate with other sites, also can do advertising, can do the bidding, and even the local newspaper TV is a must choice. But if the money is not enough, then choose a higher cost-effective way, for example, do SEO, do the promotion or promotion of labor services, this type can also play a certain effect, and positioning more accurate. Promotion of a website is to create a brand process, whether it is the use of advertising or SEO, there is no capital investment is difficult to quickly see good results. In addition, the site itself should also be positioned to give the user a professional image, especially for small and medium group buying site, it is best to take the geographical and vertical lines, so that more focused on doing a good job.

line to negotiate to provide good products

in addition to online promotion, on the other hand is the next line of negotiations, many do very group purchase website localization, there is some food coupons, discount coupons, and some are so kind, and negotiate business is very important, before many site may not contact the line of business, all problems can be solved through Internet. But the group purchase website has its own characteristics, its sales products are a lot of retail or service industry, the low price of the premise is based on an agreement with the business smoothly, only businesses promise, we can give the user a discount website in order to have a lasting vitality, so not only is the online promotion to well, the line negotiations must keep up, if you do not consider the situation, start your own group purchase webmaster Road, then in operation There will be a lot of problems, it is possible that the outcome is the beginning of the fast, the end of the fast.

personal webmaster do need to think twice

looked at the above two points, we basically understand the need to buy the site operations

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