long ago decided to write my website promotion methods, but the writing is limited, also has not dare to write. In recent days is free, then finishing a few article reality website promotion method, to discuss.

today to talk about the first kind of Internet cafes to promote, this may be everyone, but I do not only free publicity of the site and also make money, want to know exactly what you want to listen to me slowly.

In my novel

station (www.zph5.com) as an example, the design must be attractive, advertising, advertising accounted for half of the page, work part blank. Then we directly to the Internet to find the boss or the person in charge, talk to him, he said in your Internet each computer stick up such a position in advertising I, accounted for half part and the lower part of the Internet bar is put on their own things, such as beverage prices, the cost of Internet access, service range, with red game cards and other information. Posters and charge by me. But the boss only need a space can be, as long as you mouth dessert, many bosses are willing to such advertisement is settled. In addition to remind, generally large informal Internet cafes, you don’t see all the boss, and see it is difficult to talk about success, so that the choice of small cafes, chance of success.

then, this time you can be on your part of advertising position, set aside 1/4 to Internet cafes around the snack bar, contact the boss, he said to put your store phone charges, how much money a computer or a collection of money, you can tell him that he can bring how much business, can also contact the attachment bars and other entertainment venues, many people are tired of going home to the Internet bar, KTV and other places of rest, which can advance the location. So long as the price is reasonable almost 100% will be successful.

We calculate the cost of

, to a 200 computer in small cafes, with A4 color printing follows roughly 1.5 yuan a, cost is 200X1.5=300 yuan, and you leave the 1/4 advertising can be divided into four parts, each charge one hundred yuan, is four hundred yuan, you not only to the site advertised.

also earned one hundred yuan

in fact, although the site is a virtual network, but the promotion is not just a virtual network, the reality of the network advertising is sometimes more real and more affordable.

bought a ten thousand IP sites in the Ali Mama advertising is almost $30 a week, a month is 120, a year 120X52=6240 yuan, 6000 yuan and I can be in the city all Internet cafes advertising a buy, the flow of more than ten thousand


well, today’s first reality promotion method is here, then I will give you more effective reality promotion method.

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