recent Baidu seems to be included in the adjustment, the actual experience of individuals, the day of March 12th, the author of the three sites included in the Baidu has undergone more obvious changes. Just these three sites are very representative, there are different types of the same factors, can be used to carry out a simple analysis of Baidu.

first introduced the three sites about the situation, the letter A, B, C to represent them. The website A for pseudo original update website, continuously updated website; B is the pure reproduced type of website, the content is slightly modified almost negligible, half a month is not updated; website C false original article, continuously updated.

believe that many webmaster also have such questions, obviously my site 12 included no obvious change. This is normal, because these three sites are not all included rose. Before 12, the site was included as A:3000, B:20, C:2000, and after the Baidu update on the 12 site included A:7000, B:80, C:2000. You can see the site A, B type is different, but included rose, while the site C although the same type of A, but there is no inflation situation. Through this comparison we can simply believe that the Baidu update and the type of site is not much relationship, whether it is the quality of the content or update frequency, the focus is not here.

so what is the impact of the changes included, I began to turn to other aspects of thinking. In fact, the basic elements of the site is so few, it is easy to let me think of the chain. Before Baidu for the chain, launched a special Scindapsus algorithm, this news I believe we all know, will not and this about


to be honest, I do not have any research on the site of the chain, only to know that it is very useful for the site, but the use of their own can not see. But this time, I have a different view. From the chain situation, the site A and B were 3000 and 300, not too much. But the site C has tens of thousands of the chain, compared with the A B website, in front of the C is simply pale into insignificance by comparison. Although Scindapsus algorithm is based on the behavior of business outside the chain website, but I believe that the number of the chain still has great influence in this time of the update. After all, even the B website has stopped updating for up to half of the site can include rose, why continue to update the site C does not move? What website C is a pseudo original content, compared to reprint website B have a great advantage.

After this time,

update, A website has gone beyond the original collection of records, that is to say this time Baidu further dig the contents of the site, let site rate reached 70%, and the site B, C is only 5% and 20%. Therefore, I think the site should be A as a typical view. The site has a continuous update, coupled with the quality of the content is not poor, coupled with a more reasonable outside the chain >

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