has the characteristics of a foreign form and very obvious difference in the development of electronic commerce is China, C2C alone, B2C


C2C if the true sense of development should be sent in May 2003 to set up the beginning of the Taobao count, a few years ago, the "eBay" era can be said to be just the embryonic form of C2C development and hatching chicks eggs! success lies in its Alipay and Ali Wangwang two tools timely introduction, let buyers and sellers can ask to buy, to buy a security transaction free insurance; and also lost here on eBay, eBay several years of accumulation and development together with the United States eBay boss support has lost little for 2 years the impact of this is the Internet world without any enterprise is not beyond; in addition to eBay and Taobao this story in the electronic commerce of the catch up from behind and a story widely sung, that is online direct sales of tea and the tea’s boat three agriculture Ming sales contest, coincidentally, the contest outcome it is ultimately won by later Yi Qingyuan Taobao’s flagship store three agriculture Ming:

tea’s boat is in March 19, 2006 at set up shop, and shop in 5 months to successfully achieve the credibility of the 4 drill; in the coming days Chinese has won the award, the ten network operators Award nomination, get China 20 strong network title. In March 12, 2007 after opening for 360 days to become Taobao the first to have a tea seller crown reputation. After spring Tieguanyin tea king contest title, and in August 10, 2007 have two crown reputation. Taobao became the first double crown tea shop


at this time the tea’s boat is like 99 years -03 years of eBay set glory and halo, and the variables are coming!

November 28, 2007 Yiqingyuan Taobao flagship store three nongming established, Yiqingyuan is the national well-known trademark, is also home to one of the most famous tea brand, have their own science and technology parks and a number of tea production base in Hunan, and the country has dozens of outlets and join in inn; at the beginning of the establishment of the purpose of Yiqingyuan Taobao flagship store is "to let everyone with the lowest cost to drink good tea" is one of the important contents of tea is 1 yuan and the national test package express or EMS, with 6 samples can be installed to send a packet of Tieguanyin, as everyone knows, you go to the post office to send a EMS to 20 pieces of electronic commerce, the seller will have the corresponding offers and discounts, but 1 yuan nationwide shipping is also obvious in the trading loss, a lot of people don’t understand the three agriculture Ming shop, the shop is actually not difficult to understand that joy Tea people like good tea, meet their favorite tea will continue to buy, and the fact that this is fully demonstrated.

Yiqingyuan Taobao flagship store three nongming for 5 days or 55 days of drilling, won the first crown; when is the tea’s boat 1/7 time, three agriculture Ming became famous sellers, said it is known that is no exaggeration; Taobao

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