"complaints are very heavy, and very funny." It may be for you to express the life can not love helpless.



owner Mumu said they love funny things, she saw the sad frog in a selected goods (Sad Frog) in the eye and tissue boxes, so add them to your Taobao store. Mumu used in WeChat saw the only tears, look the sorrow of the frog, it is a kind of "lost to the lovely" feeling.

is now one of the most popular items in the Taobao store, a single item from the two sad frogs. There are 3743 comments on the frog’s paper tray, with a monthly sales of $645. If you know the ability of Chinese Shanzhai manufacturers and Taobao owners to chase hot spots, then you will understand the frog frog in the social network on the fiery level. There are even businesses designed conveniently sad frog Spring Festival window.


sad frog window


this ugly scary paper box is the most popular Taobao

Chen Rui is 26 years old and works in a creative agency. In 2015 a friend accidentally sent her a frog sad face, she first fell in love with this bleak frog, "Oh, this is my moment! In mourning, not by face to eat but also to live and pretend what did not happen." She said, "anger is very heavy, and very funny."


but the frog itself has nothing to do with mourning.

It is called

(Pepe the Frog) Pepe frog, American cartoonist Matt Furie from the works of "Boys Club" (Boy’s Club). Matt Furie started in 2005 in the MySpace series of this comic, which has 4 roles, Pepe frog is one of them. The boys club comic book ends in 2010. However, because of the very simple and very easy to identify because of the fact that such a spoof 4chan molecules often haunt the forum, the user by changing the way to create a variant of the frog Pepe.


in early 2008, Pepe is still a representative of the positive energy. It is equipped with "Feels Good Man copy and smile" appeared in various forums, the image directly from the comic "Boys Club", Pepe on the toilet to take off your pants full and shout "Feels Good Man", an expression of anshuang.

but less than a year, a frustrated tears filled the frog Pepe 4chan and the Body Bu>

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