a, marketing background target analysis:

1, background: as the enterprise brand information release platform, micro-blog represents the image of the enterprise on the Internet, showing in front of many users. The establishment of a micro-blog platform based on the event marketing environment for enterprise customer service, advertising implants, public relations services, brand communication has a certain commercial value.

2, the goal: micro-blog marketing as a new form of network marketing, with this platform to spread the brand, enhance the XX appliance store brand in the Internet marketing force and influence. Through a series of micro-blog marketing measures to increase the number of official micro-blog fans, enhance attention and brand exposure, to attract the target consumer crowd.

two, micro-blog marketing development

1, micro-blog content release. At present, XX home appliance stores micro-blog three categories account: XX home appliance store official micro-blog (has added V); the stores micro-blog; micro-blog employees.

1), XX home appliance store official micro-blog, by the Ministry of Canton is responsible for the daily update of the 2-5 message: content: enterprise dynamic news, promotions, corporate events, home appliances news.

2), the store micro-blog: the store is responsible for updating the daily update of 2-5 information: content includes: forwarding XX home appliance store official micro-blog, stores dynamic news, promotions, home appliances, such as common sense.

3), director, Department Manager, employee micro-blog. Micro-blog opened the director, manager, staff concerned about the official micro-blog XX home appliance stores, as well as various stores micro-blog, forwarding XX home appliance store official micro-blog, micro-blog released the latest promotions stores.

2, micro-blog interactive communication.

1), XX appliance stores micro-blog official: daily active search for XX appliance stores and appliance related information, and the users interact, pay attention to micro-blog users posted about XX appliance store information, the first time to discover and control the negative news.

2), each store micro-blog: take the initiative to search and XX home appliance stores and stores related topics, to solve the relevant needs of users, increase the store’s perception and loyalty fans.

3, matters needing attention. Content: when publishing content should be careful not to touch the sensitive political topics, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble, interaction, found that negative news enterprise in micro-blog, and users cannot form a contrast, should guide users, the negative news as soon as possible annihilation.

three, on this week, after the golden week of micro-blog marketing

1, XX home appliance store official micro-blog: every day will be released more than 2 activities this week micro-blog;

2, the stores micro-blog: stores do XX appliance store official micro-blog forward, while writing this week’s promotional content @ XX home appliance store official micro-blog >

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