4, auxiliary search

4.1, a wildcard problem

many search engines support pass symbols such as "*" representing a string of characters. Google does not support wildcards, can only do a query, the keyword "*" or "?" will be ignored.

4.2, the key word

GOOGLE is not sensitive to English character, and the result of "GOD" and "God" is the same.

4.3, search the whole sentence

The key word of

GOOGLE can be a phrase (there is no space in the middle), also can be a sentence (there is a space in the middle), but, do the key word with the sentence, must add English quotation marks.

example: "long long ago, contains the search string" page.
Search: "" long long ago"

4.4, search engines ignore characters and vocabulary

GOOGLE on some of the network appears very high frequency of English words, such as "I", "com", "www" and so on, and some symbols such as "*", "," ", etc., for the neglect of processing.

sample: Search about the first World War Information Search: "

4.5, forced search

if you want to ignore the keyword search, you need to add the keyword before the "+".

example: search for pages containing "Who am I?". If you use "" who I "?", "Who", "I", "" "will be omitted, the search will only use" am "as the key word, so you should use the mandatory search am.
Search: "" +who +am +i""

note: most of the commonly used English symbols (such as question marks, stops, commas, etc.) can not be used as search keywords >

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