along with the increase in the number of Chinese Internet users, China will move towards a new era of the internet. The new era of Internet users is not just browsing the web, they have better needs and goals, which produced many communities. These communities in the form of the forum first appeared, and now the forum has become a way of entertainment Internet users. Single Comsenz from its 5d6d every day there are more than 2 thousand new forum was born, showing its speed of development!

for the forum, the alliance advertising optimization recommendations to promote cooperation, theme promotion.

to promote cooperation in the practical high, the forum is generally more comprehensive, so demand is not the same, almost all as long as the user needs will download order or related products, the site can share the promotion of cooperation with Baidu revenue.

also promote the theme for the forum is more practical, it can analyze your web page content, and the correlation with the theme of Baidu bid text chain on the web site the corresponding page, forum users by clicking on the text chain auction revenue, site owners can obtain the corresponding commission from Baidu. The theme of the hottest topics promotion laboratory, display the latest development of the function and effect of Baidu theme promotion, and you can customize the color effect, and can be a very good match with your forum, let you out of the ordinary ".

below is the placement of advertising optimization: Forum advertising is nothing more than the home page, the list of topics, Posts placed in 3 places.

home placed on the right side of this website at the top is the best location, and then I suggest in the forum classification place a 960×60 similar in size to advertising as well, the last is at the bottom of the site, a reasonable choice of advertising optimization.

theme list easy to put a side bar, direct advertising 160×600 wide skyscraper is the best, then the reasonable matching of forum posts, a lot of the size optimization of this advertising forum.

Of course, the choice of advertising in the

post advertising, advertising placed on the right side of the theme of the laboratory advertising for the better, the left side is better, the top of the 728×60 effect is better.

optimization is not equal to cheating, so the use of a reasonable way to optimize the results will not be the same, I believe you harvest in the optimization!

also bless the Baidu alliance in the course of the future have a better development, but also hope that more members can join the ranks of the league, here you have I have him, because we are wonderful!

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