website how to promote this problem? We are talking about in the study, but after all is said and done is in pondering how to rely on search engines to get some passive traffic, these things are tired of it, and each author tutorial end should be added, SEO is a long-term systematic and complex work, must adhere to the net and so on, nonsense…

today I would like to share a few strokes compared with fresh, vigorous effect, effective immediately remedies, but the so-called remedies can cure death, hope that we use

, get out of thin air

We all know that

to Post Bar forum local publicity links, but now the Internet has been that you garbage culture very safe consciousness, unknown. Basically nothing hits, so we have to pretend a little, the operation is very simple, directly to the target page into a JPG suffix Gif suffix can be safe. If coupled with attractive title, click rate 80% (I have the relevant data)


: modify the 404 page, hang a picture with advertising, or automatically turn and then generate a number of***.jpg pseudo pictures. With popular tags, group


two, a cliffhanger.

a few days ago the Chinese network has several popular events, such as student abuse, the strongest in the history of Taiwan customers and so on, although I want to read only sage, but because the wrong friends, always in the first time to receive first-hand information, ah, in the Internet sharing spirit, and I will be the first time the watermarked spread…

can not let you illegal Shehuang here, I want to say is a little trick here: the illegal images sorted out, replaced by self made guide map: the usual anti Daolian picture style, write a sentence: this picture should be suspected of hotlinking landing view and side. Again, another front guide map must pave the way, otherwise hang people appetite, administrators will be directly delete ads,

this is at the expense of limited scope, now a loss of

, three,

advance secretly by an unknown path

this title is far fetched, said people buy advertising to flow, we are selling to the flow of ~


Ali mother recently very fire, many people on the sale of advertising on the other day, I threw a few days pay per click advertising, the effect is not too good, see the report better click rate is 100%, angrily, not to buy, we have to sell yourself, a day for IP a thousand station advertising, hang Ali code, and then set the price of 0.05 yuan / week, select the need to review! Oh, I sort of cost is the first, the rest did not say, and appropriate entertainment can not too

the last one: the husband can take temporary setbacks when the soft is soft,


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