often said, to attract accurate user traffic first to analyze the needs of users and user behavior. To know the needs of users, we can give a solution based on this demand to attract users, and know the user behavior, we know where to attract these users.

so, a movie or TV series if recently being hit or released soon, users will have what demand? What? A large part of the user can go to Baidu Search about the movie, want to understand this movie or wanted to be able to see the HD version. Obviously, one of the requirements is to look at the latest version of the latest movie, and the behavior is to find through Baidu.

there are a lot of traffic to be excavated, very early, there is a large number of people by people want to see the latest movie psychological closure on Baidu, but seemingly always those people do, but also so many people all day clamoring to flow where? Don’t know or know? Don’t want to do

? Strange!

wood below to talk about the most common platform in the latest film through the closure process.

article did not how to conceive, I simply search through the example of the way, stand on the user’s point of view while searching, and then write, see what to write.

first, now Jackie Chan’s "Lion" day this movie was released not long, very fire, there will be a lot of people want to see on the Internet, this is not what I want, most people think so, some data shows, "the day will be the lion Baidu index is close to 100000.


even "days will be the word lion movie full version of the Baidu index is more than 10 thousand, as shown below:


and then look down, the user wants to see the film directly on the Internet demand has been obvious to no longer obvious.


so, we are now in the Baidu search "days will be a lion, you can see the search results to see how others closure on this page. First of all, in fact, a lot of time a lot of network promotion drainage method in front of us, but we did not go to the discovery or not to develop a good habit of discovery.


is the first Baidu Post Bar, click into a look, you will find a lot of play Post Bar skills, a top post, reply, text link promotion, promotion, QQ/ left WeChat, there is a mailbox and so on, all kinds of marketing skills should have, as long as you want to find, see a lot. These are often the dry cargo.


second is a pan film critic

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