when you decide to build a website, you do not have to hurry to find a program to build a site, you must first assess whether you build this site is promising, whether it can do.

1   can you use a language to clearly describe the general idea of your site? You should be able to describe your ideas in very few words. According to the successful experience, the reason why you can’t turn this idea into your own language may be a warning – you haven’t thought about it yet!

2 your ideas stand the test of time? You think of a good idea to go to a website and want to implement today, maybe you will be confident, happy. But after a week, a month or even six months, it is so exciting? Perhaps there is a completely different idea to replace it.

3   are you going to the next year or even longer, devoted to the implementation of the plan go? Are you willing to give up all extra-curricular activities, give up with his wife (husband) shopping time? If you want the site to bring profit to you, you must be willing to time and cost – revolution is not a dinner party.

4 do you have a good team, to do the division of labor, after all, a person’s energy is limited, you can not let the site’s editors, artists, security, promotion…… Let you do it alone.

5   if you consider your site’s profit model, no money to maintain the site is doomed to be a flash in the pan.

6   know how to insist on? When the site in the process, procedures cumbersome, simple and boring editing work to make you some down, you have not discouraged, remember so many people are here, behind the most success stories are so dark and helpless, if Ma Yun, Robin Li and other entrepreneurs to talk about their website experience, there is still a bitter tears.

7 If you understand what is the potential return? Everyone investment website, its main purpose is to make more money. However, the idea of getting rich as soon as possible is not implied in the money. You also have to consider the potential rewards of accomplishment, love, and sense of value. If you don’t realize it, you have to rethink your plans.

if you can answer these questions correctly, then you will be a big chance of the site will be high, you can decide to go to the site. However, things don’t come easy, more difficult to build, choose do venture this way, nature will look forward to the success of the scene, however, despite the intention to harm unpleasant, it is the beginning of the site should be considered clear.

(www.aikaoyan.com), this section of love station devoted me too much effort and energy, to buy a server, the website construction art not to talk, just more than 100 thousand test scan compression, upload to the server, I spent.

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