through the network marketing channel has a lot of business enterprise, strategy and implementation of each enterprise through the network to carry out specific marketing channels have their own characteristics, network marketing for enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises must do fine in a channel, the relative concept of network marketing concept including online marketing, forum marketing, event marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, WeChat micro-blog marketing, forum marketing, email marketing and social media marketing and so on, the author lists no end, because with the network marketing platform of the Internet now has a lot of derivative change rapidly, with the participation and exploration practice of enterprise development needs more and more new methods, so the author has been of the view is that the network marketing practitioners and explorers to combined with the definition.

The network marketing concept classification

above the author lists for small and medium enterprises could not attend, because of multiple factors, such as cost and lack of talent, this kind of phenomenon in ordinary medium and small businesses is particularly prominent, but not to say that small and medium-sized enterprises to do network marketing, the enterprise based on the analysis of their own situation next, according to the need of marketing positioning oneself, you can select a part of the network marketing network marketing work for accurate type layout.

first, the forum is a big concept, need to be divided into a variety of forms, such as social forums and webmaster forum is completely different, the only concept is the same can be achieved. The author here only introduces the enterprise community communication forum of the pre brand marketing and post sales + brand marketing ideas.

Enterprise Forum marketing first step: positioning analysis

decided to engage in marketing channels before the forum must be positioned two points, one is the positioning of enterprise customer groups, two which is suitable for the forum to do business forum marketing. In the premise of good brand information, a good forum can bring long-term customer resources of the enterprise, with the high popularity of the forum can quickly get customer information, this must be the enterprise to do the preparatory work, in short is the customer and self localization.

For example, the

industry in the transformation of marketing at the beginning of the forum, made a detailed investigation, before the intention of a forum, mainly is the investigation of both online and offline, online is mainly on the forum in the region of impact analysis, each section characteristics of the forum to do analysis, the corresponding business sector do a survey of popular users; investigation of the actual effect the main line in the peer enterprise forum, which is needed to find the right opportunity to gain competition. Consider the possible cost of inputs so online and offline positioning and investigation is required.

Enterprise Forum marketing second steps: finishing the complete information

is a corporate website needs to reflect the corporate profile and the concept of corporate culture and information service and so on, the forum is the same, must have the complete enterprise information in the forum, in short, is to have a business on.

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