from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake donations by Wang Laoji herbal tea to "kill Wang Laoji", until the night to become the network marketing brand known to every family, we can see from the planning, organization should abide by the principle of event marketing.

May 12, 2008, Sichuan earthquake, May 18th at the CCTV relief party, production of the company Wang Laoji donated 100 million, a move that immediately attracted national attention.

began in May 19th, most online forum and community website the emergence of a large number of users of discussion, Wang Laoji donated one hundred million this topic according to the report, more than one hundred thousand of the posts appear Baidu Post Bar within a few hours, visible strong explosive force.

May 20th, an article entitled "ban Wang Laoji" post first appeared in the Tianya forum, then quickly spread to every corner of the Internet, even under the line of traditional media began to report the posts and do the following discussion. This post is as follows: let Wang Laoji Liangcha appear in the supermarket shelves, one can buy a can, resolutely Wang Laoji bought the herbal tea, herbal tea is not enough to let Wang Laoji sell! Let them hurry! The forum also appeared "to donate to donate one hundred million, drink to drink Wang Laoji" like the slogan.

effect on the spread of view, Wong Lo Kat donated one hundred million is definitely worth the money, than a few hundred million, billions of TV ads do much better, this is the power of marketing. From which we can summarize the marketing characteristics of some events.

1, event tipping point

event initiation point must be newsworthy things, or more generally, is to attract the eye, we like to see, like to know, and like to spread things. There are several events that have the most explosive potential, such as entertainment news, public affairs, social focus.

2, event marketing channel

offline event marketing usually to the mainstream media, such as newspaper and television, and the Internet, the vast majority is detonated and quickly spread from the forum, and then caused the attention and news portal, website reprint, followed by mainstream media attention and coverage.


, striking one snag after another event marketing

good event marketing is not a single time to complete, but the news has been constantly revealed, causing a wave of Internet users sought after. The whole event marketing by a series of transitions event groups, from the beginning to the development to the climax, the end of the last exciting in the marketing target. If you can climax again and again, it is best.

4, online marketing audience participation

successful network marketing events are behind in each big forum continue to cause the topic, push users to post, reprint.

5, event marketing based on clever Association

enterprise planning out of the event marketing, must be the event and marketing objectives clever >

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