in recent months, I believe most of the small and medium sites have been affected by the Baidu adjustment algorithm, leading to the site was K. Every time the Baidu update second days, can be in the group, and in the forum to see a lot of friends are saying, how long to do the station was Baidu K, and so on a similar topic. This is all because the webmaster are now too dependent on Baidu, in addition to SEO will not be other promotion methods.

what promotion is nothing more than increase your exposure, so that more users can find you. In fact, in life, everywhere is the promotion method. As long as careful attention, you will always be found.

if you have a car, or your boss can have a car, and your boss, do a plane advertisement in his car, also is to let people design drawings, then put in the car, so the price is absolutely not high than advertising in the bus is much cheaper. But more compelling, the current insurance company, car industry and so on are already using this method, can make reference to. Of course, this approach is not to say that every industry is suitable.

or you can spend a little money to make some small gifts, such as a set of cards, pen and so on, in the downtown area for free, so the effect is good. Once there is a friend of the company is to do tourism network, I told him to try this method. Their company is made of a set of free bus card, in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, it is said that the day sent about one thousand, traffic than usual increase of more than and 300 IP, the rate of return in thirty percent, this is very high.

do not know whether you like to play games, I prefer to play Warcraft RPG: really three, and my ID is my name, Zhong Zhixin". I play most of the time is on the weekend to play, look at Baidu statistics, every weekend there will be seven or eight people by searching my name to visit my blog. I play really three technology is not very powerful, can only be said to be in the middle level, the basic will not sell teammates. It may be that people who play games are more curious and go to search. In fact, the webmaster can also be based on the game ID, marry a special name, and you can find, although the effect is not large, at least do both entertainment and shoot two hawks with one arrow, and can be extended, Why not?? recently played a game, set up a gang, almost every day there are three or four IP is searching for Zhong Zhixin to come, because my gang is called this name, as follows:


I am not RMB players, just ordinary players, occasionally kill time to kill. Now the game as long as you can set the gang, you can write the gang introduction, and so on. If you are interested, you can try to call the name of the site in the gang, and then write directly on the site, believe that this effect is awesome.

There are many examples of

life, in which it is not to say in detail

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