[Abstract] with the public comment and the group have been financing in place, this year the two race will become more intense, 2015 will be the year of the real battle of O2O.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on July 24th

review and buy the business began with the public comment and the United States mission, after thousands of battle in the market has become one of the few survivors. With the O2O market began to hot, and the two are invariably aimed at the more vertical segments of the field, such as movie tickets, takeaway, travel, hotels, etc..

a local life service around the field of offensive and defensive warfare is being staged O2O. With the public comment investment hungry, and the three or four line of the city market, group purchase business also deep into the core of the United States this year, between the two sides across the country to push people to also break out continuously "conflict fighting".

, however, in general, the public comment and the United States in the vertical layout of the field is still showing a different development ideas.

from their own position, the public comment to turn itself into an ecological, to maintain an open platform, to develop industries through the establishment of industry vertical division and cooperation; American self, an important business line full sweep; look from layout logic, public comment on whether force last year hotel, cinema, wedding and other vertical industries, or set up this year, beauty department, has not left the choice of the core standards of heavy industry; decision "while the U.S. group will pay more attention to the transaction, and how to make the transaction more smoothly.

on the other hand, when the U.S. group and the public comment O2O top competition, Baidu and Alibaba to be outdone situation. Baidu CEO Robin Li had personally for the Baidu Nuomi platform, high-profile commitment within three years of glutinous rice business transfusion 20 billion yuan; Ali’s ambitions are concentrated in the reputation network, into the Amoy little gold suit and ant line resources and team, and rely on the mobile phone Taobao and Alipay wallet for diversion, initial investment of 6 billion yuan.

O2O "2015 will be a truly big battle for a year." U.S. group CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) at the annual meeting of the company has claimed.

positioning differences: platform and self

platform to buy from the merchant to buy the transaction platform, the public comment after several times more and more close to the local life service platform. In the public comment recently announced the establishment of beauty division of the conference, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao give a clear development strategy, namely "ecological bigger, stronger, a platform based" strategy. That is to say, in the public comment will continue to maintain an open platform in the future, the company headquarters will be smaller, the basic ability mainly control platform level, with a vertical industry division into specific business. Zhang Tao also said that after the establishment of the beauty department, future public comment will bring more business in this way.

according to Zhang Tao, in this open >

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