1 everyone in the film once again hang up the same type of website access to normal  

A5 webmaster network May 15th news, all the film and television hung up today, all of the small screen login official website was informed of the " the page you requested does not exist! Please try another page ".

distance from the last stop was the April 25, 2013 film, in the occasion of the arrival of the world property day, when not only everyone film and television, many domestic video sites have chosen to take the lead off. For the reason of this standing is not very clear, everyone in the film’s official website did not respond! The netizen guesses or suspected of film copyright disputes were forced to close, but it is worth noting that the same type of website access normal.

2 China Internet for 20 years: please do not forget my name is webmaster  

the wheel of history rolls forward, if history will record the Internet era that shine like a star network influential man don’t know whether this time, the wheel of history can remember some of them, or can only use two words to sum up this group in the history books: webmaster.

this is a group of natural wild growth 20 years group, they may just keep in a rental house in front of the computer in real life, smoking a cigarette, sitting on the bed, a computer desk worn on yesterday ate lunch, drink a bottle of cola fast, material perhaps is extremely poor, but the spirit is extremely happy, because they called the webmaster with a computer and a network connection of the social reality of countless friends in various sites, is their greatest happiness.

3 where the old wash flow behind the anger seeking: who get fucked?  

yesterday, you got on the official website where? May 14th 18 am, according to founder and chairman, VANCL CEO Vintage Sina micro-blog news, Wuhan, Xi’an, Sichuan, Leshan and parts of telecom users can not access the customer, where the customer site, a landing page will prompt please renew the domain name expires, Chen hung up, "this who is manipulating the fucking


said this is called the washing flow ", but" wash flow "so drunby vocabulary is what mean?" we all know that money laundering, wash flow is, flow to turn a few stations become true, can make traffic doubled 100 times, in the face of such an explanation, only said one of the grass root breath too thick.

4 barrage video station suffered growing confusion: two dimensional culture of piracy

if you want to know the 90 house culture and the "two dimension" of the world, look at the barrage video site AcFun and Bilibili may be one of the best choice.

the two have been called

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