Facebook Chinese market prospects

latest news shows that the fastest within 3 months Facebook will officially enter the Chinese mainland market, and the company is likely to have a large number of users with Tencent to cooperate. Although the originator of social networking sites, but it seems in the industry, and before YAHOO, AOL, Facebook in China market prospects may not be clear.

grab the city or by bundling strategy

according to the analysis of the industry, Facebook into China has two main ways, in addition to the establishment of a joint venture company, but also with the form of cooperation, acquisitions. There are rumors that Baidu and Facebook are talking about a joint venture, and had previously rumored that the latter wants to negotiate with Tencent. However, Baidu is force Post Bar, such as Facebook and how to build a joint venture will suppress the Post Bar enthusiasm, so that the cooperation of the two companies is more of a rumor, so Facebook in the China market are more likely to cooperate with Tencent.

in fact, the latest move in the Tencent in the layout of the overseas market, seems to be for the cooperation with Facebook foreshadowing. Yesterday, the Tencent announced that with the Russian investment company Digital Sky Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "DST") signed a subscription agreement, according to the subscription agreement, DST will provide Tencent subsidiary issuing and placing a total of 8114 ordinary shares, involving funding of approximately $300 million. After the completion of the subscription, Tencent will get 10.26% of the economic benefits of DST by investors. It is worth noting that, DST last year, the price of $100 million acquisition of Facebook’s $3.5% stake, is one of the latter shareholders.

in this regard, Internet analysts pointed out that the Facebook is not the lack of channels in the China, but through this investment, the Tencent may also connect with Facebook and become friends, and expand cooperation in the Chinese market. However, due to the relatively small number of shares of DST, Tencent DST through the possibility of the impact of Facebook is relatively small.

looking for partners at the same time, Facebook is still secretly creating the future of China’s market operations team. The latest news shows that there have been domestic headhunting company began to help Facebook recruitment of Chinese business related to the person in charge of the recruitment and Facebook is the general manager of China, working place is Beijing. In the industry view, stakeholders from Myspace and Tencent are most likely to dig foot Facebook. According to one of the candidates said, with Facebook communication, Facebook tend to directly from the headquarters of the "airborne" a China responsible person rather than external recruitment, but Facebook also welcomed all interested parties to resume.

as the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook China

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