according to the Tencent insiders broke the news, the Tencent announced the establishment of WeChat group this month, will be put to pay, "Twitter Life" as the main body of the life, and the lottery team to the electricity supplier to the business group. The WeChat team’s position up to the group level, means that the Tencent expansion in the mobile Internet will be at the core of WeChat mobile payment, O2O, radiation and other electricity providers place a hotly contested spot, the existing mobile Internet business group (MIG) in the Tencent internal position would be more embarrassing.

Tencent announced organizational restructuring in May 2012, all business was divided into corporate development group (CDG), interactive entertainment business group (IEG), the mobile Internet business group (MIG), network media business group (OMG), social networking business group (SNG) and Technology Engineering Group (TEG) the 6 major business groups, and the establishment of Tencent electric holding company (ECC), focus on business operations.

, however, the mobile Internet business group (MIG) in the internal Tencent some thankless. According to Cheng Lingfeng, on the one hand, the Tencent within each business line and mobile Internet business group (MIG) and the friction is long-standing, has been hoping to regain control of MIG’s mobile business resources; on the other hand, the rise of WeChat MIG somewhat embarrassing face, because the mobile application the most powerful internal Tencent that is not in the most resources and experience of the birth of MIG.

in January 2013, the Tencent redefined the MIG, the number of mobile services from the peel, classified to other business groups. For example, mobile phone QQ and super QQ included in the social network business group (SNG), mobile phone game external cooperation department transferred to the interactive entertainment business group (IEG), mobile phone and micro-blog mobile client regression network media business group (OMG). After slimming, now only MIG mobile phone housekeeper, mobile phone browser, mobile phone street map application treasure "weak business". At the same time, led by MIG senior executive vice president of Tencent Liu Chengmin for personal reasons, announced his retirement, succeeded by chief operating officer Ren Yuxin Liu Chiping, reporting to the president of the Tencent Inc.

according to our previous articles, now MIG is more like a specialized department used to fight with the giant, its security, browser, map and Bao four constitute plates are the basic platform and flow entrance, the safety of PK 360, and 360 in the QQ browser also fight against Baidu maps and high de (ALI), application distribution platform is Baidu’s acquisition of the 91 confrontation. In short, and the main thing to fight against the giants are MIG bear. In the face of the establishment of the cause of the WeChat group, MIG may want to ask: Dad, where are we going?

also, in addition to the mobile Internet business group (MIG) 2 > situation

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