In October 13th

, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, Baidu officially released its new "web promotion" marketing services, enterprises can choose flexible delivery in more than and 30 ten thousand high-quality Baidu union members website. This means that Baidu promotion covering the multi-dimensional network life cycle, global marketing system is already forming, also marks after the "phoenix nest" search promotion, further expansion of Baidu marketing layout.

, according to Baidu, "web promotion" depends on the quality of Baidu alliance website for resources, as of now the Baidu alliance has netted more than and 30 million websites, including,,, Youku, Zhongguancun online and many other well-known domestic websites, a collection of the best quality China Internet long tail power.

, vice president of Baidu business Shen Haoyu said: "Baidu web promotion, together with the original search promotion, to achieve full coverage of Internet users online life, Baidu’s enterprise network marketing chain will be more complete and efficient, the future Baidu will continue for the majority of enterprises to create the most input-output ratio of marketing service system."

industry insiders believe that with the "phoenix nest" embraced "on-line League promotion" of the service marks a further expansion of Baidu marketing layout, or will trigger a new round of full coverage, accurate and controllable, cost-effective network marketing frenzy.

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