although the concept of Web2.0 is out of date, Web2.0’s career continues.

      the rise of large-scale video sites is proposed in the Web2.0 concept, so the video site if not in accordance with the idea of Web2.0 development, it is a kind of backward, even may have been eliminated, is now unable to copy a Sina, because the original contains not only opportunities more important is the model. China’s Internet development today, we have a deep understanding of a few key words: interaction, sharing, personality.

      potato network as the first batch of domestic video website, the user experience of the product has achieved a considerable height, in the event of peer exchanges are often praised. Tudou has such a high viscosity, one of the important reasons is that a profound understanding of the essence of Web2.0: user participation, user generated content. as one of the most rapid development of video website, there is an The students surpass the teacher. trend, but to understand Web2.0 more breadth: join the news video content that is no doubt to the audience by serious television media a heavy blow, but also by the endless series of fraud some boring the audience sympathy; secondly in terms of user uploaded content is also carried out a series of personalized guidance, not in the covers, dance and amusing too much entanglement, so that the content is more rich, so as to increase the user’s participation enthusiasm.

      as the network video sharing platform, can let more people take the initiative to share their own personality, even to the half of the success, you have to do next is how to form a have the same hobby group, to further improve the viscosity. From the program framework, it may be more in the Digg, Wiki on some attempts. From websites can also take the quiz, solitaire and other traditional gameplay to join in.

      in short, the video site Web2.0, positive to Web2.0 must mobilize making. Since the video site has not to advertising time, but also look forward to the 3G era, then it is better to play with it now.

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