he is the world’s largest apple vulnerabilities found

he was poor in Xiaoheiwu

he often received a phone call from the national security department

he almost blocked Zhou Hongyi’s path

unknown hero

we ultimately did not see Wu Shi himself, even his business partner Liu Sheng (a pseudonym) has promised to help us up. Since 2010, he accepted the "Forbes" interview, the Sichuan man is no longer willing to let their exposure.

the article is pretty fair, "in a security update last month, apple for the iPhone operating system released 64 new patches, of which only 6 are researchers found their apple 12, discovered by researchers at Google, while the other 15 are from China’s Wu Shi found the." In this paper, Wu Shi called the security community "unknown hero".

he refused our reason also is not too much, in a state of some concept of information security is just, people have not enough ability to fully identify their work and what is the difference between hackers, because there are too many examples show that the limit between the two work as "conscience".

Wu Shi’s heart was a "grass root", his lack of concept on business, he is afraid of unnecessary interference, he just enjoy the technology to bring his pleasure, but it has become a luxury.

on the side of the government, he and his team members will receive almost daily "national security" and telephone visit, we had with Liu Sheng during the interview, a few guys are with the National Security Bureau who "talk about things". "This is no exaggeration, most of the time they are going to buy our technology, these people even in very few cases revealed their" duty ", for example, let’s go to track a smuggler’s whereabouts, we were actually dupes." Partner Liu Sheng said. And they are also the national security sector "blacklist" of the people, for these people, the state is always high vigilance, they tried to "amnesty" every technical expert, "but in fact, those who go to the headquarters of the general staff and other military departments, finally had not good."

and the other side is the black industry, which is the public understanding of hackers". 2005 is a watershed, when the game industry after the emergence of those who study information security suddenly realized the channel. Hacking, help the company to attack competitors servers, steal the game’s code and then open it…… Too many people can be earning million at that time, ironically, as the industry Daniel Wu Shi but it was in that two years had no fixed abode day.

they have always put their own "organization" – Keen is strictly characterized as research institutions, at the beginning, Wu

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