1, Jingdong involved in digital music online digital music mall

Jingdong mall announced the online digital music, which is the second book, the original network, digital magazines, multimedia books, Jingdong mall in the field of digital business and a major breakthrough. Jingdong digital music products will be as in the past to Jingdong "genuine low price" strategy, this action not only to promote the healthy development of the digital music industry, and electricity supplier through value-added services, to further enhance the user experience.

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2, eBay said he did not leave China for the past six years hidden foreign trade B2C

six years ago, Taobao was defeated by the free mode of eBay, a typical case of foreign enterprises at Chinese market. But it did not really leave China, in September 2006, ebay.cn chose to trade B2C this hidden market for Chinese companies to sell goods to overseas markets to provide trading platform and payment tools.

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3, Facebook for the preparation of the 5 billion users and the Internet of things

science and technology media CNET writer Dan · Farber (Dan Farber) published an article to analyze the current situation of the Facebook, and for the development of an equation, the following is the full text summary:

if Facebook wants to put forward a slogan for its current stage of development, it will be "Made for by Mark" (Mark made for people). This not only reflects the Facebook mission statement (to give people the power to share content, and make the world more open and connected) and co-founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) in the direction of development of Facebook firmly in control, but also promote the design of the Facebook about 1000000000 users will really like and share things (including advertising effort). It helps to remind Facebook engineers Corps: do not focus on those who can not use the user manual can not use innovative products.

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