a lot of entrepreneurial companies on their own company’s brand is seriously inadequate, resulting in the promotion and promotion of their products and services barriers. Why do they think that the company should do the business first, Mr. Shen said, the brand or other enterprises to develop a certain scale of time to do better. But now is the Internet era, is no longer the era of goods than three, Baidu goods than a hundred thousand can be. So the customers believe that what you, what you want to buy your products and services? This brand when you need to speak for you, when you build a brand, is actually equivalent to the process of establishing trust with customers, this allows you to do business will be more successful.


brand should be how to build? Many people may have thought was the first time hit TV, magazines, subway advertising to expand the visibility, which for an entrepreneurial companies or small companies, is not possible. Some will think of the use of the Internet to play the brand, but now the Internet to do the brand, there is no resources and costs, it is difficult to do. So today I would like to share some of the low cost, operational, non internet style, and well-known brand image to create a way out. As everyone knows why you also need Liu Zijun to tell you again? Do these many big companies and big groups, listed companies are doing, but for these large companies and large group is just icing on the cake, they don’t think these things will bring much value to them, but for entrepreneurial companies these things simply power boundless ah, may be an important reference for you decide whether the customer trust and choose your company’s products and services


as everyone knows, but few entrepreneurial and small companies to do, or think these are fancy things not what role, or may think the high cost, not worth the investment. So I’ll give you the value of every thing, and the most important thing is how to help small business development.

business card box

few people will go to pay attention to the design of name card, as long as good, giving the impression that the formal company can really do name card so that you can, so we talk about today is not the name card design problem, let’s talk about the value of display name card today. The first general company name card are unified specifications, in addition to the content of the name and mobile phone number is fixed, the other is fixed, what is the problem? It can be said that such name card customers receive will soon forget you, especially you with a few colleagues turns to the customer when the customer has a numb feeling, so I try to name card content on will take some thought to improve. My own name card in addition to my real name, plus my name, and my WeChat account two-dimensional code, now feel is not a two-dimensional code name card all feel shy to say that they do. This immediately to the customer will have a different feeling, go >

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