on QQ I do not want to introduce more, the domestic Internet users should know.

from February 11, 1999 to release the first version of the QQ2009 version in 2009. Registered users have reached 900 million.

QQ space from the original restrictions on the opening, to the middle of a friend opened in the free opening of the present. Active users have more than 200 million. (this number is still growing) with the increasing of domestic QQ users, QQ on the website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as a ground breaking, and. Preliminary statistics have reached about 500 thousand.

according to my observation, the flow of more than 100 thousand of the station accounted for about 2%; flow rate of between 10 thousand to 100 thousand accounted for the flow rate of less than 10 thousand accounted for about 78%. Basically, QQ station has a very similar place. That is the content is not a single keyword mode. A station contains multiple keywords, usually with non mainstream. In fact, many webmaster don’t optimistic about the QQ station, QQ station I think the trend of the future is a process of refinement. How to refine the evolution from multiple keyword patterns to single keyword patterns. A single keyword mode is bound to occupy the first search engine. Because professional, so better.

how to promote QQ station?

when you do a stand, you have to do is to promote. The basic promotion I do not here make an unnecessary move. A5 can be seen on the casual stroll. I would like to introduce to you is a new method of promotion: promotion chain promotion. QQ station promotion even (http://s.www.qqaye.com/) is a professional QQ station promotion chain. Believe that the early QQ station owners are more familiar with this promotion chain.

For example:

QQJYA (QQJAY space station (QQYWF) QQZA (QQ square dance show) to KISS (QQ) Carol poem station) and several currently ranked early quite high standing in the "QQ" extended even stand promotion. QQ station extension is the exchange of 1:1 traffic. There is usually a 1:N exchange, this is the name of your name. For example, I take the name is: the latest free black skin in exchange for about 1:5. Means that you click on the site to promote a IP chain, in exchange for 5 IP into your station. The main attraction is the name.

the most important feature of this promotion chain: all through the promotion of the chain into the IP, the quality is very high. This will greatly increase the amount of PV site. (I observed that IP quality is better than search engines). If you point out higher than the point, the extra points can be sold (the lowest price is 1000 points =10 yuan). Even if you are not QQ station, I suggest you can hang this promotion chain, earn points to sell, to ensure that any advertising alliance than any other to make (except GG), especially your traffic situation.

finally recommend a new

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