marketing is no longer a traditional mode, more and more enterprises ranked hero through the SEO optimization method to do the industry keywords, hope can get traffic and sales orders by keywords, but many enterprises website IP traffic increases, sales order has not been satisfactory.

a lot of products to sell the site there is a problem is not the flow of orders, this situation will eventually bring a lot of problems to jump out of the market. Today I do the analysis, so that we understand the main reason for this phenomenon is what.

first, the keyword positioning problem

Keywords positioning product sales and

1 website want not accurate, get a good user search, users to your site, found website product and keyword search to be not very relevant, it will immediately leave your site, this is 99% of the possibility of failure.

2 solution: the site shall do the positioning of the keyword, you do website products and content of all appropriate keywords, the more precise the better, keyword is the ideal way to promote.

two, resulting in inaccurate positioning of keywords


1 because many sites want to have more users, see what keywords search volume is large, they will choose what kind of keywords to do, so many sites are the products and these are irrelevant keywords, keywords no precise positioning result. We can do a lot of keywords to the site, but at the same time do keywords, we must take the product as the center. Otherwise, the key words you do have no meaning.

2 solution: do the relevant keywords ranking, the choice of keywords in the fine and not more. For example: what kind of mobile phone is more suitable for college students with the search "mobile phone" compared to the above or the volume of the word. Therefore, the keyword positioning is very important.

three, web service issues

1 I also often see some sites are very beautiful, but when we want to buy, they found the purchase process is relatively complex, or simply do not buy the system, these are also an important cause of the loss of orders.

2 to solve the problem of Web site system is the need for technology, but if you do not understand, you can find some people than you know. Even if you want to spend money to solve, or else people come to your site can not buy things, the next will come strange.

four, order processing is too slow

1 a lot of enterprise customer service because there is no often to patronize the site, and there are a lot of orders did not have a timely manner to deal with, resulting in late customers waiting to cancel orders.

2 solution: when a customer comes to your site, see a good product will be photographed, the site should be >

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