coffee friends @ windy day Yang questions: why is WeChat no user level


Tencent system WeChat is more alternative, there is no room for flexibility, entertainment, there is no QQ user management convenience. Even QQ has always respected the hierarchy are not.

My personal feeling is

grade and content quantity, frequency, interactive online time and visits, which may form the atmosphere of strife appears in the circle of friends, and finally destroy the intimate circle of friends, free and relaxed atmosphere


don’t know what everyone thinks?

man answered @ Bruce Lee in the PMCAFF Tencent WeChat Product Manager

user level, corresponding to a set of hierarchical algorithm, then this problem, we first assume that if there is a hierarchical algorithm, WX will be how?

1, in order to increase online days, continuous online 24 hours a day, Wang bought many charging treasure, to ensure that any shut down due to long line transmission to others.

2, Wang keen level no better than this, and upgrade, get to build 500 large rights, he one of the 10 shots, then sent to the circle of friends invited other people because no rank, only looking at the.

3, Wang grade to newbier, but has Hyun, he wanted to think, then, the circle of friends to all the friends he will go to the point of praise, the product manager he has been praised WeChat circle of friends, the level in the name behind display is wise.

4, WX officially announced at online time statistics, but to open the WeChat frequency as a member of the data base, Wang began pondering how to constantly switch switch switch switch…… Chat, and so on, I did not empty..

5, WX not found the situation, so as to change the strategy, the number of chat membership data base, limit the same user every day, and Wang every day to chat with friends, HI, Hello, good, morning… ..

.. all right. Hello

above, pure YY, so, do you think you need a membership level?

is not to say that the user level is not good, each product function and system have different values in different production environments, QQ has developed rapidly and gained considerable value-added income is obvious to people in the hierarchy.

personally think that the user level system, this system is the first and most important foundation, fair data based on how to build this building, based on the data of the second development and rules is conducive to the positive development of products, finally, can not affect the core function.

QQ era is the era of PC, then, QQ login and non login is a distinct split line, and this data is indeed a difference, and the longer the login time, the price for the QQ >

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