The essence of WeChat

circle of friends is a social group, was found profitable speculation out of business in the micro micro business, purchasing and Master recommendation, Xing in the mask, finally destroyed by agent. But this does not mean that the micro business should not exist, but the need for a process to run in a perfect form of existence.

After the event

mask, WeChat circle of friends now were divided into two categories, one category is the housewives and students personal small sellers, the other is the major electricity supplier into the micro business, now it has become the two basic scale.

small seller is characterized by small and fine

most of them are housewives, students, white-collar workers, their limited funds, the scale is small, but the goods and services are in place, try to meet the needs of customers, in a certain region can be door-to-door, to maintain the customer, carefully answer every question, the electricity supplier giants have big data, and they the hands of a small data. Some of their products are their own hand to eat, drink, play, wear, is the original unique, of course, also from the outside Amoy to the boutique, with their own personality, characteristics.

There are many ways to sell

small sellers, but each one can make you shine:

first: original beauty. Their own products, but also the only kind of shooting, original content with beautiful pictures can attract more eyeballs.

second: original tutorial. As a result of their own products are very understanding, but also to express the usefulness and quality of the product, write a learning article and content, with the value of the fans to automatically forward and collection.

third: WeChat public number. Able to operate the public number, but it takes a lot of thought, do a good job to form their own brands, have their own loyal fans.

is more important is to rely on their character and reputation to do, out of the brush is carefully crafted out of, and even their own business, also can increase knowledge, when is seductive.

large electricity supplier is characterized by large and full

big business and small sellers, they have a platform, WeChat access, multi category and complete, is the main effect of advertising, shopping and delivery processes have certain rules, not what a flexible way, a group from the micro data obtained show that as of March 2015, the global agency has exceeded 1000, the number of merchants settled platform has exceeded 1 million, the end of the year is expected to exceed 2 million, covering electricity, food, automotive, medical, real estate, tourism and other industries.

large electricity supplier marketing approach is more personality:

first: Star advertising. Needless to say the effect of advertising, the stars to create their own brand.

second: brand effect. Here want to say is the product, the characteristics of the product to create a brand, more people

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